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web marketing training

Internet Marketing Training for Non Technical

So few people have figured what so many other people don’t understand and that your website can and should get better every single day. Today’s diverse and ever-changing Internet marketing community can require daily, hourly and even minute-by-minute fine tuning. This article will shed the light at common pitfalls, how to avoid them, and how to execute advanced tactics.

Many view Internet marketing as a volatile and rapidly changing activity that is best left to specialist companies whose sole mission  is to stay on top of this chaotic environment and deliver the best results. Other companies view online marketing as their primary revenue-generating activity and the gateway to rapidly growing markets. They are committed to building the required team in-house, and consider their optimization capabilities to be strategic to their success. Such companies typically spend considerable resources recruiting, training, and motivating key employees.

So where do we start? no matter what internet marketing technique you choose, your website will be key to your success. The phrase “surfing the net” suggests how visitors of your site approach the net in general; they come in, sniff around and move on. If you don’t snag them immediately you have lost them forever. That’s why it is so important to follow their every step . If customers don’t stick around to buy what you have to offer, so pay attention because you might not get a second chance.

On that note, I should make a few notes on bulk emailing websites (or email solicitations) that hype  “get rich quick” method of Internet marketing. In summary, most of them use the “numbers game”… don’t fall for this. What if I told you that  you would be lucky to get one order… and that is assuming that in every 100,000 emails you sent you don’t get shut down by your ISP within a few hours from complaints, their mail server being clogged (because of you), or from any number of other problems. With the complaints you will get, you will be lucky if you even get out 50,000 emails before your Internet access is terminated… and you didn’t even make a sale.

I know dozens of business owners who have lost thousands of dollars using these supposedly “no cost” forms of marketing. People put up websites, do some advertising and expect the profits to roll in; only to lose their investment later. Training your employees will make you avoid that fate.

Keep in mind that web analytics are tools-not ends in themselves. They cannot tell you why visitors behave the way they do or which improvements you should make. For that you need to invest in report analysis; and that means hiring expertise, training existing staff, using the services of an external consultant, or a combination of all of these.

Skills and training

Marketing managers often come from an advertising, communications, finance, or creative background. Depending on the size of your company, they may be generalists who are responsible for everything, or specialists who are only in charge of Web promotion. If your advertising mix includes offline components, they may be responsible for making sure that a consistent view of your product exists across all channels. Staff training on web marketing and SEO requires ongoing efforts. Your staff will need to be trained in the most successful methods for maintaining optimization and staying on top of the game before competition devour your customers.

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