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web marketing proposals

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It is over two years since the introduction of the basic paper. TrustRank,, but today even more than two years later, hardly Everyone outside of the main Internet markets of the world have a clue what it is. Concept was simple and in fact only a few lines.

Fighting TrustRank Web Spam Technical Report. Stanford University, 2004.

Web spam pages use various techniques to get higher than deserved ranking in search engine results. While human experts can identify spam. Too expensive by many self-assessment page. However, we will present techniques to separate the famous semi-automatic,. Good pages from spam. First, we select a small set. Seeds of the page. Evaluated by experts. Once we manually identify the reputable seed pages, we use the structure of web links to find other pages. That are likely to be good. In this article we discuss possible How to select the seeds, and the discovery of good pages. We present results of tests run on the World Wide Web indexed by AltaVista and evaluate the effectiveness of our techniques. Our results demonstrate that we can effectively filter spam from a significant fraction of the Web depends on good seed set of less than 200 sites.

The original document.

I will try to explain in layman terms what this is about.

First you must understand about the hub and authority sites in your eyes. Google Web sites and pages. Grouped by topic, phrase, and as part of a web mapping. Google Google within these groups will identify the current hubs and authorities. Hub sites are linking out to multiple sites within And staff of the group's internal Web site that is linked more to it than others. Other.

Google is already self-ratings on these sites, their Content sites they link to the reliability of them.

Prime example is the BBC. They have a strict editorial criteria must comply with a link to a website. On the Web also has strict guidelines set in place and maintained by government agencies have been appointed. Seeds of these sites will have a trust factor, which can then be carried out. (Or vote) to another site. (Ie the same number of pages). Through their link.

Only the most trusted sites will link to similar content or a link to a link with similar content. EG may Reuters news wire. Was picked up by the BBC to write and reference the original Reuters report. CNN could lift the BBC version, which has been developed more. All these sites. interlinking and all the trusted sites. They may all also linked to a site that was the white paper claims. / Content /.

I used to go into action.

I leave for websites altruistic Received good news has been picked up by the BBC to link with Many other news sites have also pick up on the link to my niche sites. The other charity in the time and site of links. Let me be the church site, etc. Many of these sites are reliable and seeds, or link to a site by site seed Closely linked to a website that I am on site for more seeds. TrustRank my site will be altruism little farther away. .. By default, if I TrustRank level of popularity. (Caused by many sites that have been broadcast. TrustRank the vote), I may well become trusted. The hub itself makes a link from my site are very valuable. (In terms of non-monetary TrustRank. However, this will be the case. But no one knows. TrustRank to know the value).

If you want to see the raw version of it in action. trustrank then looked at the system of voting in the forum.

If someone has a red (negative) vote for your reputation. (Good or bad), it does not affect your reputation in the eyes of the system because they are not reliable because of someone else. That has been said so reliable. While the vote. (Good or bad) from people with many famous squares. You can pick up high or condemn you to the fire, while votes from people who have one or two squares of the popular will. But this is not very simple form of TrustRank.

It is believed that TrustRank substance to the total sum is greater than my share. So if a site linked from the website of the seeds will be worth it. x, but the site is linked from the second seed. The site can be trusted. x + y + roll.

Below is a picture showing how it might work. But for simplicity I have not added value of mixed and run around. Google PageRank numbers from all numbers. 1 as the base for each page and the 'values voters' of 0.85 of the value of PageRank. (Which is the result of the factors dampening 0.15 applied to all pages in the value of outbound links from the page.) (Address of the image).

That was my time on an old proverb, so TrustRank creating quality content that users want to link to the mean more than ever now.

One thing he has in life balance for all components of the light with dark. Stetson for all colors are black and white one. If some sites are trusted by both the approval of the seed or seeds, and then some will not. It may be possible to link from the United Nations reliable. (Due to the TrustRank site). Unknown may not be any useful links. That will pass or not. Just a theory.

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