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November 29, 2010 by  
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web marketing pricing
How good is Hauppauge TV tuner card with remote?Is Hewlett-Packard fooling the customer with such promotions?

In India, Hewlett-Packard is offering a free USB based TV tuner card with all laptop purchases. The brand is Hauppauge with remote, which they claim costs 6500 Indian Rupees.And I need to register the product and send them 500 Indian Rupees as postal charges.Now how good is the product quality? And what is the actual market price of this?
They also happen to be offering a free USB Based External Data Card with the laptops. Again I need to register the product and take a connection with Reliance Web World for 3300 Indian Rupees.
Now dont you feel this is a very cheap gimmick by a company like HP? The promotions are splashed all over and its only after purchasing and registering the product the customer understands he needs to shell out extra money to get these free offers.
Due to such company promotions present, the dealer also backs away from providing any freebies with the purchase, which they otherwise do. And finally the customer is kind off cheated by HP as well as the dealer

As far as quality, I have a Hauppauge USB based TV tuner and I am very happy with it. I had a PCI card tuner and had several problems with drivers and then got the USB tuner and have been really happy with it. I paid $60US, so I don’t know if the “free” one is really worth the shipping charges – that would be your call.

Yes, we all hate mail in rebates and extra shipping charges – especially when you have to order / open the product before you get these details – but they are usually still a good deal that very few people actually cash in on – that is what they are counting on.

Good Luck

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