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Web Marketing Mistakes

July 13, 2006 by  
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web marketing mistakes

Web Marketing Strategy: 7 errors intellectual property lawyers need to avoid doing before you do anything to attract more customers.

If you are a professional service intellectual property law are wondering why. All the web marketing that you do not have your customers you want,. I want you to think back and reflect on mistakes that may have made, and what you can do to fix them.

Many intellectual property lawyers are very enthusiastic and passionate about delivering better legal services. But otherwise the market as they do not know how to do it effectively. Part of the problem comes from. Visit the market and the market, especially as a specific activity that must be added on to the main service on intellectual property law, or squeeze in time to help. Which is far from ideal. In situations in which intellectual property lawyers to see themselves as a marketer of legal services first and then the legal experts who deal with special problems for customers.

7 Given this error is very important. IP law expert in any serious damage. Any Web marketing campaign already underway. How many of these have you done?

  1. No indicators of market is in place before you do any marketing campaign. Other.
    • You can not measure the effectiveness of any marketing you do it. That you are not indicators of market performance, key Or measurements in place to start with. Other ways that you can measure success?
  2. Customers are not sufficient and competitive research.
    • Assumptions. About the value you provide customers a significant error of intellectual property lawyers many make it. You must have an appropriate response system in place to continuously improve service and your address. niggling problems that may arise.
    • The research competition is just as important and not just copying what others are doing. Keep in mind that intellectual property lawyers that are used the most relevant target markets. Will attract more audience. You need a system and templates in place to compare the leaders in the field with what you are doing and make sure that your deployment of marketing assets. (See 6 below) received The attention of your audience even when there is competition for you.
    • Various online tools and strategies used to find the major search services, intellectual property law clients and customers. Used to acquire data Make sure you learn these as there is nothing worse than trying to create a message that no one interested in the topic.
  3. Target niche markets. / Is not set correctly.
    • You must be a truth about how to spend on marketing will reach far. Identify your specific target market. / Make sure it is one of the many Potential customers, not only. But have the money to pay for your service. IP laws, but also those who are looking for information and resources to help solve the problem.
  4. Intellectual Property. Legal services is not populated correctly.
    • Unlike products that people can touch and feel,. Legal Services Intellectual Property is intangible. This makes them difficult to value and meaning of intellectual property lawyers to convince. Customers about their actual value.
    • Just say you're serving the intellectual property law and the person named does not work. I highly recommend your services, packaging, and intellectual property law to clients. Be clear about what they can get in for particular words what it costs and the benefits they realize. You should think about how you explain the uniqueness of the services you provide. (See 6 below the UPB), creating your service around UPB and presents a step-by-step plan that clients can spend more time with them.
  5. Lack of knowledge about Lifecycle of its customers and how this affects purchasing patterns.
    • Customer life cycle refers to the customer experience with you once they found out about you to buy. High prices and your service over many years by law. There are several steps in which a customer may take. You need to map out these aggressive, so you can manage each step and know how far. Trend lines into the life cycle.
    • Map very basic target is to create a blog to create interest,. Free reports will be valuable to people. To download, organize seminars, customers will pay to participate in and finally give a chance Upsell is a range of services, intellectual property law, or information products. (Such as book reports. Webinars). Which can be purchased repeatedly, it is about building strong relationships with customers before they buy from you.
  6. Or do not use bad Marketing assets in media sales letter. Etc..
    • Asset markets are the elements that make up the messages that you send all your advertising and collateral. These can be effectively developed if the steps. 2 and 3 are doing well. Asset markets as well.
      • The realization of the unique benefits. – This is a different order of your practice. IP legal services from your competition and will make a significant difference to your success.
      • Interest – no one ever bought your legal services. IP for what it does. But because of the benefits arising from the services offered.
      • The irresistible – what customers will get if they respond to your piece of media and what they have to do to get it. Customers and your customers are busy and offer an irresistible, you should split the difference. Piece of your media from your competitors and stop reading in their music so they can learn more about what you offer.
      • Headlines – these are important if you want to split the advertising and collateral to borrow money from the sale of your most of your competitors. Just list the name (company ) Your top is not enough. – Do you need a reader. Compelling reason to read what you sent them and the headline is the key to success.
      • Guarantees / risk reversal. – Reduce the risk – potential customers if they buy your service. If you are really good in what you do, you should be able to offer guaranteed service and state of conviction that you are willing to pay if Your service does not meet expectations. If you have any of your clients in the steps you will take and what their obligations are entitled. From then you will have less to worry about in terms of customer complaints that are not necessary. You will attract more customers because your customers will value your business more particularly. Because there are very few lawyers by intellectual property laws out there willing to provide guarantees.
      • Testimonials and case studies. – You need these to. Easier for customers to buy your service, and these will make them feel more comfortable about being able to resolve the legal issues of intellectual property services.
      • Call to action – You want to piece of media you send out there to look forward positively,. Immediate response limit. Time the reader has to respond to the interests of some To stop the procrastination and force the reader to respond quickly to your media items.
  7. Good selection of media. Used to reach your target market.
    • You need to make sure you select media customers and your customers to get information and make decisions and channels. They receive. While the Internet is increasing as a basis for this, do not forget to offline channels such people. direct mail more efficient.

While the list above may seem quite frightening for some. IP specialist legal services, it certainly is not unreasonable and should serve as a template to prepare first base. It has been marketing the web. Given the fiercely competitive landscape of many of you are in, you owe it to yourself to prepare yourself adequately position themselves as intellectual property legal services professional. Of choice within your target niche.

About the Author

I help Intellectual Property legal services professionals build profitable practices by showing them how to attract high quality clients easily, even if their past efforts have failed miserably. The business model I implement is called The Magneto Effect.

Many Intellectual Property legal services professionals have poor marketing strategies, which are not measurable and based on targeting prospects they have no relationship with. 
I work with IP lawyers to implement a new business model that focuses on developing trust with prospects first. This is done by finding out the conversations going on in prospects’ minds first, and then providing information (via blogs, reports, articles, newsletters) to a profitable niche that addresses the fears and frustrations people have.

Using direct response marketing strategies, my clients market the information that people are looking for. They do not start off by telling prospects what their expertise and services are.

This makes them stand out from their competitors as the opportunities to interact with a hot list of prospects removes many of the barriers that spring up when IP lawyers try to sell their services.

This is more than just a marketing system. It is a whole new way of building a position of authority in a niche, which in turn attracts IP legal services prospects that want to do business with you. It means you do not have to do any traditional hard selling to prospects, as they are the ones that request your services instead.

Remember – how you win IP legal services clients will influence how long they stay with you. If you invest enough resources at the start of relationships to develop a trusted leadership position, and know the aspirations your prospects have, you are more likely to provide the IP services that clients really need.

If you want to know how to use The Magneto Effect to build an effective web marketing strategy and attract an endless stream of clients or prospects to you, please sign up for the FREE 7 day video series. You will never think of web marketing the same way.

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