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web marketing florida
Okay, what should I bring to the fest for dogs? Im bringing my Doberman, I wanna make a “Dipar bag” for him.

And I dont know what to put in it. what should I bring? He is very hyper, hes only a year and 1/2 .
Im bringing a leash& collar, also his choke chain bc of the other dogs, it will be easier for me to handle him. But what else should I bring? I know water and treats, but what else?
We live in florida and its going to be held at our extremly large flea market, And it gets pretty hott, and I want to make sure were BOTH comfortable. This is the web site for it.…

And what should I bring and put water in? I want to make a back pack. So please. Give me ANY IDEA!!! For me AND him. Also, Ask me questions if you need more. I’ll check in every few minutes and edit.

Pet stores carry a water bottle like this that comes with its own bowl

Carry an extra 2L plastic pop bottle of frozen water an empty, you can use for extra drinking water for both of you or to cool down the dog using a cloth bandana to wet down his coat and leave well wetted tied around his neck and pour some on their feet as well, many dog events will have childrens wading pools for dogs to cool off in but hjaving extra water helps in the event they do not, you may want to take along a muzzle if the event your dog is sometimes dog aggressive when a dog comes up to him, will allow you to go upto vendor tables and look at goods without worrying if someone else approaches with their dog, poop bags make sure to have enough, often dogs will go more often do to stress and to mark territory, a blanket or pad for the dog and yourself to rest on, if sunny take along a tube of SPF 30 chapstick to apply to his nose or any scars to prevent sunburn and sun protection for yourself
Cash or cheques , there is always fun shopping to do at these events, items that you simply will not find in stores

And enjoy

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