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web marketing courses online

Best Web Marketing Experts in Europe and America: What Are the Differences

What is the difference between European web marketing and American web marketing?

According to Enrico Madrigrano, one of the top european experts in web marketing and positioning, “The difference is minmal, and at the same time it’s massive”.

“Technically speaking,” asserts Enrico Madrigrano in one of his latest interviews, “the difference is minimal. In Europe we have the same level of technical expertise as the Americans. We have the same level of understanding of the SEO and Positioning sector, we know exactly the same fundamental principles of marketing and communications as the United States and we have access to all the same technology. We know how to use tracking and how to optimize advertising campaigns, we understand the principal marketing strategies and know how to increase the returns on investments.”

“But from the experiential point of view,” continues Enrico Madrigrano “the gap is enormous. The United States take a much more direct mental approach that is practical and effective, besides the fact that their much greater volume of traffic allows the Americans to test and experiment with those same technologies and knowledge that we have here in Europe, in a much faster and more efficient way . But, above all, American companies are much more open to business exchanges, agreements and partnerships, which here in Europe we only manage to achieve after years of heavy negotiations.”

“All this translates into a level of practical and effective experience that Europe still needs to experiment with. European web marketing, to keep up with the United States, must become more open to trade agreements and joint ventures and at the same time speed up the decision making processes. In short, more experience, more dynamism and more willingness to collaborate are needed. Only in this way can the gap be closed”.

This is the message and awareness that Enrico Madrigrano has gathered in over 10 years of experience in international web marketing and positioning. Experience that he will bring to the next “SEO Web Marketing Experience” course in London, Rome and Milan – – organized by Madri Internet Marketing – – in which the fundamentals of effective web marketing and the latest developments in the field of search engine positioning will be dealt with. All of this will be accompanied by numerous examples, experiments and real life case histories.

About Enrico Madrigrano: is a well-known Italian entrepreneur and web marketing consultant, CEO and founder of Madri Internet Marketing, a company specializing in online marketing. He began his professional career in 1998, dealing principally with search engine positioning, web tracking, landing pages and split testing. In 1999 he conceived 3 Web Marketing, the first online web marketing course in Italy, which numbered more than 90,000 participants and was chosen as one of the Top Ten projects in Europe in the international European Awards for the Spirit of Enterprise 2001. In the same year he collaborated in the creation and promotion of, the main portal dedicated to the themes of the disabled and handicapped in Italy.

In 2001 he conceptualized Intelligence Marketing, one of the first tracking software platforms for the analysis of ROI and advertising campaign performance. In 2002 he proposed the first affilaite marketing program in Italy and in 2003 he developed E@Manager one of the first autoresponder and follow up platforms on the Italian market. Since 1999 he has run training courses in web marketing and positioning in Italy and abroad. In spring 2002 he introduced the”Web Marketing Specialist” one of the first professional certifications in the web marketing sector. From 1998 to today he has managed the creation and marketing of numerous information products and online video courses dedicated to marketing and online communications.

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