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Web Marketing Coordinator Salary

January 21, 2009 by  
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web marketing coordinator salary
How much do Marketing Coordinators in st. Louis make?

How much do Marketing Coordinators in st. Louis make?
0 marketing experience, 6 years in graphic design, been offered a job where they want me to take an $8K pay cut. I will be handling all social media tunnels to customers, some administrative, some web design, etc. I’ve checked monster, careerbuilder,, and I’m finding what they’re offering is much lower. This position is new to the company, with about 1000 employees. I REALLY want this job, but really don’t want to take that kind of a hit! Can you marketing people out there tell me what a range is?
I would also be handling the entire email program and customer databases, customer service on one of their rewards programs.

The problem is that marketing coordinator is a loose title. It can refer to many different responsibilities. If you are only handling social media, admin, and web design, your salary will be much smaller than a normal marketing coordinator. A marketing coordinator generally develops all marketing pieces, distributes, calculates their effectiveness, designs training systems, increase sales efficiency, budget promotional expenses, etc.

Assuming the three you listed are the only three you will be doing, I would say a range would be between $24,000 – $36,000. I myself would expect around $32,000.

If you will be managing people or have more responsibilities, then the salary should be higher, but from what you have told me, the above salaries should be correct.

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