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web marketing association

Web Marketing Training: Getting Better Leads For Less

You are trying to build a profitable home based business on the Internet, but there are two major problems.

One, there seems to be no shortage of “secret insider” strategies for web marketing and training that are available out there. It is easy to get “information overload.” You can feel like you have tons of information, but really no plan for how to implement it all.

Two, with all the so-called “gurus” out there claiming to have the only “real” or the “best” web marketing training programs, it’s hard to know who to believe and how to separate the real from the hype.

Nowhere are these issues more pronounced than in the area of getting leads and, more specifically, the area of sources for MLM leads. Go online and do a search for ‘MLM leads’ and you will get a glut of search results for two things — lead brokers and websites wanting to sell you leads.

You will also see many web marketing ‘experts’ training people to use these list brokers and websites to get large volumes of names. The question is: Are the leads you buy from these places worth the money you paid to get them? Are they a good investment?

The short answer to that is: no. The leads that you REALLY want to get your hands on are the ones you create yourself. Here’s why…

People buy leads with the expectation that those names will be all they need to build a large and profitable online business. Buying leads with the expectation that you’re going to sign up enough people into your business to make it worth your time (and money invested to get the names), is a recipe for disappointment.

Successful web marketing is about training yourself to have a different mindset than 95% of the other (not so successful) marketers out there. Let’s look at an example to see how this is true in the arena of buying leads through a lead broker versus creating leads yourself.

Let’s say you spend $1.00 per lead buying leads from a lead broker. You buy 500 leads a week, so you are spending $500.00 per week buying leads. Let’s say that it takes you two weeks to go through all the data. That means you are likely spending 20-30 hours per week to recruit likely only two to three associates.

When all the dust settles on that, you are probably netting less than minimum wage per hour for your efforts. Does that sound like a good investment to you?

Where the real recruiting takes place — and this is one of the best web marketing training tips you can learn — is when you build and create your own marketing system that positions you as the leading authority (so that prospects are chasing YOU, instead of you chasing them).

When you create a system, you become the authority figure to your leads because they initiated the correspondence with you (and not the other way around). When you know how to attract people to you, and having them seek you out, then there is no limit to how many new leads you will generate on your own and how much more valuable each lead will be to you. Best of all, creating your own leads is much less expensive than buying leads from lead brokers and websites (and can even be done virtually for free).

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Terry Duff is a well respected home based business training specialist and business builder himself. He has grown several different home based business using the same “underground” techniques that he shares in his highly sought after free reports. To claim your free copy of “How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing” head on over right now to – To date, he has helped more than 100,000 home based business owners in more than 30 countries.

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Web Marketing

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