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Free Search Engine Optimization Analysis

September 4, 2011 by  
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free search engine optimization analysis

Keyword Analysis (Search Engine Optimization) In Internet Marketing

Keyword Analysis (Search Engine Optimization) In Internet Marketing

This article will be an introduction to keyword analysis. If you’re doing any sort of written marketing (blogging, articles, squidoo lenses, press releases) and ESPECIALLY if you’re using Google AdWords, you need to do keyword analysis. I say especially for Google Adwords because the written forms of marketing I mentioned are low-cost or free, whereas you can lose a lot of money quickly on Google Adwords if you don’t know what you’re doing. There is much more to know about Google AdWords than keyword analysis, so don’t start marketing on Google with only this as a background.

I currently do my keyword analysis using a tool called Wordtracker. As far as I know, Wordtracker gives the most comprehensive results for keyword research. I would recommend a subscription to Wordtracker (as opposed to the free WordTracker tool) if you have the money, because you will get more results and there are other options which the free wordtracker tool doesn’t provide. If you can’t afford it though, the free tool is still great, and definitely much better than nothing.

So, the idea behind keywords is that you want to optimize your content for search engines (search engine optimization) by tagging your blog posts, articles, etc. with specific keywords. This will allow people to find your content through searching the net. You want to use keywords that people search for a lot, but that relatively few people are using to tag their own content.

To start, let’s go to the free WordTracker tool at As an example, I’ll use one of my other blog posts, Gorilla Marketing Tactics to illustrate keyword research. I initially wanted to blog about cheap marketing methods. I had heard of low-cost marketing referred to as “guerrilla marketing”, so that was the keyword I started with in WordTracker. Type “guerrilla marketing” (without quotes) into the free WordTracker tool. The results you see are search terms compiled by WordTracker based on actual search engine data. The number you see on the left is the number of times that keyword was searched for in the past 160 days. As you can see, there are probably a lot of terms shown here that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

Since these are common terms used by actual people searching the net, you want to tag your content with one (or a few) of these keywords. Before we continue however, I should mention that at this point, there is one huge advantage you will have with the paid WordTracker tool. The free WordTracker tool only gives you keyword suggestions containing your keyword, i.e. every result you see right now will have “guerrilla marketing” in the phrase somewhere. The paid version will also give you keywords related to your search, which include misspellings.

To illustrate what I mean, if I type “guerrilla marketing” into the paid version, I get results such as guerilla marketing (notice the missing “r”), gorilla marketing, marketing, small business, alternative marketing, and so on. As you can imagine, this is incredibly helpful. You can click on each related keyword to get further results as we have done in the free tool.

This should be a lesson to you (if you don’t have the paid version of WordTracker) to always search for any possible misspellings of the terms you’re searching for. As an example here, type “guerilla marketing” (misspelled with one “r”) into the free WordTracker tool. “Guerilla marketing” has more searches (92), than the properly spelled “guerrilla marketing” (45). Not only that, but there are way more related keywords to use.

As a general guideline, you should choose keywords with 20 or more searches for it to be useful to you. So let’s choose a few keyword possibilities for the blog post. I’m going to choose:

1) Guerrilla marketing (45)
2) Guerilla marketing (92)
3) Guerilla marketing tactics (51)
4) Guerilla marketing strategy (31)
5) Gorilla marketing (51) (suggested by the paid version of WordTracker)
6) Gorilla marketing tactics (28)

You now want to see how much competition there is for each keyword. You don’t want to use a keyword that a lot of other people are using, even if it has a ton of searches because it would be likely that no one would find your content. To determine your competition, go to Google. Type in each one of the keywords above with brackets around it. This will give you the number of other people using the same keyword to tag their content (don’t confuse this with the number of times a keyword is searched for). The results from this are:

1) Guerrilla marketing (702 000)
2) Guerilla marketing (690 000)
3) Guerilla marketing tactics (18 200)
4) Guerilla marketing strategy (5740)
5) Gorilla marketing (43 900)
6) Gorilla marketing tactics (443)

Ideally you want this number to be below 5000 (up to about 10 000). I could have chosen the keyword “guerrilla marketing strategy”, but because “gorilla marketing tactics” had such incredibly low competition, I used it instead regardless of the funny spelling mistake. In case someone comes across my blog post and thinks I’m a complete moron for the misspelling, I do note the correct spelling in the post.

Whatever content you’re writing, there will be a place for you to submit your keywords, so make sure you do so, i.e. don’t only use your keywords in your content, you have to officially submit them. You should also have your keywords in the body of your content at least three times or so (this will give you better results in search engines), as well as in the content title. You can of course use more than one keyword, and should ideally have four or five if possible.

As a final note, Google does also offer a free keyword analysis tool at, which does have related keyword results, but I personally much prefer WordTracker, and find it to be more comprehensive. Also, Google does not provide exact numbers in the results, as WordTracker does.

That does it for this article. Make sure you do your keyword analysis before posting any content!

About the Author

Matt Mossop is a professional internet marketer and successful home-based business owner. Need Internet Marketing Help? Check out Matt’s Popular Blog to see how he can help you become an internet marketing success =>

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Search Engine Optimization Company Reviews

August 31, 2011 by  
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search engine optimization company reviews Rewews?

I am looking for reviews of a local company in Buffalo, NY that can provide QUALITY website design, and search engine optimization

See the review page listed here;

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Google Search Engine Optimization Guide

August 25, 2011 by  
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google search engine optimization guide
Search engine optimization scripts. Google Java?

I need to ask the question I have Javascript code, if I put it on my site too. 1 in the results, but I need to know that if I use it to violate any conditions. The search engine Google? The website can be banned? Please anyone have any idea please guide me. It's urgent.

Read, or have a lawyer,. What is required by law. Google's terms and conditions of service. Which is mainly used if you are using the service. Google Google Account, just stick with what. In Google Webmaster Guidelines. I consider that there is a great advantage over one who tries to take advantage of search engines. And Google reserves the right to penalize a site if they try to take advantage of them. Ranking SEO is a good idea too. But not at Google, you get in the way of the actual site content.

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Online Web Marketing Training

August 17, 2011 by  
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online web marketing training
What is IT training and education for beginning and qualified for. 6-12 months time? Thanks:)?

Hi all, I am looking for training for the job. In IT – as a graphic designer / web or IT support or something in digital media such as online newspapers. I like it, I was interested in a variety of roles. But I have to work to pay for. Bills, etc. .. do not think I'd go for the full time program. Need to receive and study / train in the same time. The IT people can retrain and qualify in 6-12 months? And what qualifications are required? What would be the best way to train while working for? In the event of a shortage of skills in the job market. WHAT IS IT? That the item be removed. Have been experienced? ?????????????????????????????????????????????! Big thanks) to everyone in advance. :). Cisco.

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Search Engine Optimization Yahoo Store

August 17, 2011 by  
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search engine optimization yahoo store
Search engine optimization for a physical file. directory /?

When ranking the search results. google and yahoo will take into account the file name and path. html or not? I added new copyrighted content for publishers and artists. I have decided to make the content. static HTML content should be stored in DB I was wondering if I should premises and a constant. HTML DB as identification or dissemination of the actual title and artist name. For example, for key publishers and artists. 1 ID 5, which was rated better. 1 – / URL new / publisher / 1/5/index7.html or 2 – / URL new / Publisher / XYZStudios / I_AM_A_FAMOUS_ARTIST / page7.html would be great if you can provide information that covers this. Subject.

Why do not you go … A great place for SEO, SEM, online marketing. You will find answers to all questions. … If not, then please comment on my blog, you will receive a response. … Or you can email me. …

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Web Marketing Director

August 14, 2011 by  
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web marketing director
I would like to move from New York. LA is not good, I'm the Director of Marketing. Who's hiring?

Over 10 years of my background in marketing,. PR, and web development for the car,. Jewelry and many other consumer products. Im so tired of the noise and the cost of Manhattan. I want to get out. Check me out. Thanks.

I have a website. – A response to your question, please begin with these, they will take you to the sub as well, best wishes, please do not forget to vote. For the best answer. If you're like me on the Marketing of California. California markets are looking for? View current job openings. On List of current and filling applications. Marketing Manager jobs in California. | Find Marketing Manager jobs in California on Monster. To learn more about the event. … the director of strategic planning. …

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Search Engine Optimization Books Online

August 11, 2011 by  
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search engine optimization books online
I am looking for a book / online resource to improve performance. Search Enging?

Can anyone help me out with some names of books and And / or websites that explain the concept. Theory and techniques behind search engine optimization? Let's say I'm slow … the level of detail and explanation should go. In particular, look for ways to improve the ranking on Google.

101 ways to promote your site. ISBN 1-931644-21-7 # I am a web designer and I use this book to learn from. The website I have created. A certain amount. Yahoo and Google because of what I learned from reading this book. …. And this is what Google is offering webmasters. This guidline is the webmaster directly. …. Google.

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Spider Web Marketing Free System

August 9, 2011 by  
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spider web marketing free system

Marketing to the marketing system spider web.

The attractive market is a new concept of a free client for your business, you need errors. Disruptive potential opportunity for your prospect. I was amazed at how different ideologies, this is what I was taught in the business. I was taught a traditional MLM is to make a list of I invite people into your home or business presentation that opened my I mean I feel that if this is how you grow your business, then I should be successful more than what I get. Is very little to no effect.

To my upline wanted me to market, which I do not consider the market at all, now that I look back on it was just what I said earlier. I shall try to get people to come and view the presentation, it is very difficult for me, and plenty of others. The MLM industry when I started online trying to find a different. The concept of marketing, I kept getting information about the attractive market. Now, when I studied the concept, it is time for me to apply everything I learned and that I needed to find. Marketing system is suitable for use in promoting this new concept.

I went through a marketing system. I could never find one that works for me, or just one to me. Is ready to put a stamp on. After a few months of searching, I came across a good marketing system. At first I did not see the benefits of the system. The power that comes with everything. It is perfect for me as far as being able to use the concept of attractive market with this system. Here are some of the best features of the system.

An entire system. Free to use to start making your money from the get go. This is different because so many other network marketing system. I let you try their system out for a few days then they charge a monthly fee. Costs range from $ 29 – $ 49 per month.

2 will allow you to link to a top notch that will allow you to start being able to brand yourself as an expert in your field. MLM.

3 It teaches you to web technology. 2.0 to help you grow your online electrolyte.

4, it teaches you the concept of online advertising, because the Internet is ever changing. Animals, what works today will not work in the future because of all the new technology upgrades to the Internet. Thus, the system will allow you up to date on things like that.

It took five people who were struggling to get over. To create at least 10 people a day out and at least five people per week signing up in my business.

I teach marketers who do not have any chance of success. To attract attention. To the method of marketing.

About the Author

I am a 37 year old work from home dad who enjoys teaching people how operate their business from home, by using the power of the internet to reach potential prospects, and clients.

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Spider Web Marketing Tips

August 7, 2011 by  
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spider web marketing tips

Search engine marketing tips are useful.

Most important to remember is that even if you are producing for the reader, you also have to produce for Google, or more. Motor research. This is roughly what is meant by search engine marketing research or the optimization of the motor. Also, how do you write for the page is a website that was created and labeled. It is equally important.

When material or article. blog posts, will be uploaded to an Internet site,. Google's spider is called with the comments. Shopping for specific phrases and phrases used to index your site. Ever wonder why when you search for "retrievers. Labrador "on one of the words. Will be sent back? It is mainly because And Google has indexed more Web sites that are referenced in the distance.

As a developer, author, or where you want to make sure. That your content is targeted at the general directions of the site. For example, if the site is all about. Labrador retrievers and posted on the Jack Russell terriers do not do much good for anything. Ranked better than all of the site. And in the ranks of Google, it's all about ratings.

Search engine marketing is not just about creating an article or blog posting it. There are also about business, and labeling. Images can also be optimized to increase the ranks and will please the spiders. It's a good idea, and the enhancement of the Web for pictures with the label. The keywords you have determined that the backpack. For example, the labels have generally been identified by a personal computer for example. DSC00034.jpg title like this would not have recommended the site at all. However, a few seconds to change the title "work. Retriever Labrador "is an instance of a keyword and it will improve the ranking.

In the end, when needed. The picture on the website, it is important to optimize them, not just. However, for key phrases. However, for high quality and accuracy. We all enjoy looking at pictures in high definition. Google spiders but not Photoshop, Corel, or other programs. Any help you can resize and optimize images so that they can help you look at my web page,. Not only those who visit. But to make the Google spider will evaluate it.

World Wide Web is saturated with millions of Internet sites and with each and every day at the range on a continued increase At a rapid pace. This points to the fact that more and more and more people are launching their business on the web. The mad rush to offer a place to market products and solutions to problems. And services on line. This is the World Wide Web allows rapid and direct access to a global audience at the click of a button. Need to reach out to a vast consumer base ahead of competitors. Has resulted in the creation of new methods of promotion. The motor is a kind of search engine optimization is one of the processes that will provide research tools to find content based mostly on the search phrase you type. Stay in when they are sure to solve some of the services advertised on the net.

Many of the products or solutions, was released on the Internet by way of the web. Web sites with content that describes the product or support.

About the Author

Thomas is a search engine optimization consultant and writes for many SEO blogs. Check out these links to find out additional about what Thomas writes Boxed Website positioning Packages Really don’t Operate – Your Company Requires a Customised Website positioning Program,

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Web Marketing Trends 2011

August 1, 2011 by  
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web marketing trends 2011

Five tips for web design in years. 2011.

We are in the new year will again be time to look at what's new project. Web domain of continuous progress and new tools. It became available at all times. In today's market is still not enough to create a great design that just look good, it also needs to do a good job. Must be flexible and take into consideration. New media such as mobile phones and DVD. Your goal as a web designer in the year. 2011 is the participation of visitors and make them want to stay on your site, more than ever. There is a thin line between the Web. Web design and web design and development need to be more aware of the new tools available to you.

Here is a list of new tools and trends that we can expect large. This year.

HTML5 and CSS3.

HTML5 and CSS3 has actually been around for many years and this year we hope to eventually get ready to be used in that way. Web design is helpful. HTML5 allows us to use the video will play without the need for Adob e Flash Flash has compatibility problems, especially the villain. Adob es war with Apple, which have culminated in an apple is not allowed. Flash on new technologies, including. iPhone and iPad at all this year, we will gradually move away from Flash and embrace afforded by the new tag. HTML5 will have plenty of room for Flash is still a powerful tool. But now a new competitor in the defense.

Another exciting development. CSS3 CSS3 allows us to create a shadow character,. The edge radius and the transparency of the entire image within the code. CSS instead of requiring them to work with us.

Touch screens.

Touch screen is more than a year. 2011, while we can see in our phones and the number of discs, and tablets are becoming popular. Using your fingers for navigation than the rats that can bring about a certain charm. New forms of web design and other elements to consider. New web design needs to consider as part of the design that the percentage of visitors might be using the touch screen. Drop-down menu and The link is not possible to hover and touch screen. And if we are to move forward, we must think of new ways to capture the visitor a touch screen. Our website is a need to look and function. On a cell phone so that we can compete in this year. Forecasts predict that smart phones will outsell personal computers this year, it is essential that our site is in compliance with these standards.

Social Media.

We have seen an increase. Facebook and Twitter in the past year. Social media such as these can be found here, and they will experience both of us, myself included. On the Web, the Internet will get more personal in the way we live our social media activities. Web will become even closer this year and we can expect this to be reflected in To the right web site.


Finally, any observer. Any fan of Google will have noticed a new option for images. We're looking at. The search of the site can look through the thumbnails for a website that they fancy more than just reading the text. Regrettably, this technology is Flash, so the site. The dependence of Flash is the obvious downside to the browser image. In essence, what is visually appealing, and I'm sure the results will be. Participation is more than a line of text. If it is more likely to close, then we must consider that our image is going to stand out among our friends.

2011 is looking to be exciting. The technology and the web and a web designer need to keep with the times. Taking into account the five tips above, we may be on our way from our competitive edge and truly. Will be on the cutting edge of web design. About the Author

This article was written by Steve Moore,
web design
expert and Internet marketing consulatant for a leading
company in the UK.

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