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Web Marketing Ideas

November 3, 2010 by  
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web marketing ideas
I run a web design business. Marketing is difficult, I get referral jobs but nothing else works. Any ideas?

I have tried adwords, mailshots, local press, email….everything, but it seems the only way small business owners will make a purchase decision is based on word of mouth.
Any thoughts/opinions from business owners or marketing experts would be most welcome!


Try the idea of doing the charity, or pick your best work and run some PR from that, i can help with ideas if youre stuck. Try networking with you local chamber (or busines orgaanisation) and meet other business, networks work.

While decision get made on person-person basis, marketing helps get your brand out there (among zillions of other web designers) and helps influence before the decision – so it is really vital. It isnt that easy otherreise we’d all be rich! I do marketing consultancy if that helps in the future.

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Free Web Marketing

January 15, 2009 by  
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free web marketing

Free Web Directory

A web directory is a directory on the World Wide Web which specializes in linking to other websites and also categorized those links. What a web directory does is, it classifies the web sites into categories and sub categories. The classification is done based on the content of the entire website and is not based on pages or keywords.

Web merchants can submit their sites for listings on a web directory directly. The fitness of the sites is checked by editors before the listings actually take place.

Web directories can be of two types, general directory and niche directory. While the general directory is the most common type and lists web sites based on region and language, niche directories focus on specific sectors. Since listings on the web directory are free and they are easily available for use by other directories and search engine, they are commonly known as free web directory.

Free web directories have various features. Listings and review of the submitted site is free. The site is provided a reciprocal link where a link back to the directory has to added somewhere on the site. Some directories have the option of paid submissions which provides the subscriber a host of other specialized services to optimize internet presence.

Well established free web directories can take some time to review submission requests. In addition, the listing standards on these sites are quite demanding. There are many web sites that offer free web directory listings. These listings contain valuable internet marketing resources that can be used by the SEO professionals and by those who are novices in internet marketing to register impressive presence on the search engine pages.

The internet marketing resources provided in the free web directories can be used to advance online marketing strategies and efforts. However, submissions to a free web directory are a daunting task. You cannot be sure when your site will be reviewed and put up on the site. It may be weeks and even months before they are checked by editors for listing. There are some directory submission software available which claim to accelerate the process of listing on free web directory. In addition these software also boast of zooming your webpage to the top of search engine rankings in a short time. You can even keep track of submissions to multiple free web directories with the help of these software.

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Free Web Marketing Ideas

February 25, 2006 by  
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free web marketing ideas
Can/should I use free sites like blogger to create a blog which I aim to monetize

I am planning on starting a web based business in the future and as a project I am going to start a blog (unrelated to the business idea) and try to learn how to build traffic and make some money from it. I’m not expecting a major cashflow from this, more of just an incentive to grow some entrepreneurial marketing skills and such.
Since at the moment I am studying and don’t have a job, I would prefer a free site like blogger to start up my blog as long as I can use 3rd party advertising things on it and other tool you use to make money from blogs

the free blog sites are ok but some of them have restrictions on the type of code you can put on them which prevents some money making schemes from working. I would recommend using wordpress (, this will require you to have your own web hosting which will cost arou $50 a year but other than that it is free. The benefit of using this service is that you have complete control over your content and you won whatever you put on there. If you use one of the free services essentially they own the content as they host it. You also have more freedom of content on wordpress and can place whatever advertising links you want on it. Make sure you use though as is their free version and has the same limitations as blogger. My blog (link below) is done in wordpress if you want to check it out

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