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Search Engine Optimization Services Cost

May 18, 2011 by  
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search engine optimization services cost
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Web Marketing Agencies

August 7, 2010 by  
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web marketing agencies
Are there any recruiters that specialize in online/web/internet marketing or web development?

I’ve already checked out Robert Half Technology, Aquent Staffing, etc. Looking more for recruiters, not staffing agencies.

Try and

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Web Marketing Internships

November 16, 2009 by  
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web marketing internships

The Web 2.0 Resume: Why, How, Now!

Getting carded… online

Why students need a professional I.D. for job search!

Internship and job search for students just got way tougher. The depressed global economy, Googling of students by employers, invasion of Facebook by recruiters… what’s a student to do?

 In the age of Web 2.0, employers want more than just a paper resume. Getting a professional online identity (a.k.a. your online resume portfolio) is a new avenue for students to market themselves and get hired. Think of it as being carded online and “getting in.” Your professional online identity includes your blog, articles, portfolio, online resume and even testimonials.

 According to, 83 percent of recruiters used search engines to check out prospective employees last year, and 43 percent eliminated candidates based on the results. So what are recruiters going to find when they Google you?

 Here are the top 5 reasons you need an online resume portfolio, followed by the top 5 ways to craft your online identity ASAP!

5 Reasons to Get a Professional Online Identity Now:

  1. Stand Out. Yes, we all know its tough, but we’re not going to take it lying down. Take a virtual stand for yourself and get noticed. Build a professional online page with a portfolio and custom URL in your e-mail signature to boost your credibility when sending out resumes and job apps.

  2. Google. Recruiters scout the Internet every day for an inside look at the next generation of eager grads, and they’re influenced by what they see. Let your professional resume be what recruiters see first.

  3. Economy. The scare of a nationwide recession simply means you need to be more aggressive about marketing yourself. As an employer’s stack of resumes grows, you need a way to jump off the page in under 6 seconds. A URL on your resume automatically buys you more of a recruiter’s attention span.

  4. Networking. Social networking may help you find friends, but it’s professional networking that’ll help you find your next gig. Marketing yourself as an employable, career-minded individual means maintaining professional visibility and transparency online to build those career-friendly relationships.
  5. Recruiters are looking for you. The game of sending out dozens of resumes and watching paint dry as you wait by the phone has hit a new low level. Web 2.0-snazzy recruiters are on the prowl to purge non-professionalism from their applicant pool, and transparency is key. If you’re not listed online you can’t be found. It’s that simple!

So how do you start?

Google yourself. What comes up? An angst-filled LiveJournal entry you posted a few months ago? Don’t be the student getting picked last in the game of “fill this job.” It’s time to build your online resume portfolio.


5 Ways to Craft your Professional Online Identity:

  1. Get Your Resume Online. Professional networking sites such as and offer both students and professionals a career-minded profile and custom URL for your online resume. Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace have a spot for work experience-related information, yes, but these should be supplemental, not primary homes to your online credentials.
  2. Add a Portfolio. Videos/photos/audio of your work, experience or other professional output instantly boosts your employability. Aspiring film director? Upload your projects to YouTube or MySpaceTV. Experienced Web designer? Showcase images of your best work with links to your contact information. Good at public speaking? Post a video that showcases your voice. Check out my video resume here. You get the picture, and so do employers.

  3. Get Testimonials. Let somebody brag to the World Wide Web about you! While it’s good to list references on your online resume, testimonials speak immediately. You can plug yourself all you want, but the most competitive online resumes show what other people have said about your work. Take a look at a real testimonial for business student Jesus Huerta on his student resume page.

  4. Post Position Wanted. Post an ad for your ideal job or internship! Companies won’t know what you’re looking for unless you tell them. NuResume, for example, allows you to post “Internship/Project Wanted” ads directly to your profile, making it easy for recruiters to find you. You can also post custom “looking for” ads on Craigslist.
  5. Write a Blog. Making your voice heard online is one of the fastest ways to catch an employer’s attention. Free blogging sites like WordPress offer you a space for a simple, paragraph-per-week entry to write about your career interests and learnings. Read a fellow student’s blog on her online resume.


Now’s the time! 

Go ahead and take the first step on the road to career success with your professional online identity. A new site,, has popped up as a one-stop professional spot for students to house their resume, portfolio, testimonials, position wanted and blog, all under a custom URL.

If you have a handle on basic Web design and blogging, consider building your own site or start logging your daily professional experience on WordPress or other blogging service.

If you’re still not convinced, check out what Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog has to say. Because just like the good Lady Justice, the Internet is blind when it comes down to you. So let’s give them something to talk about!

About the Author

Lisa Rau is a freelance writer based out of Los Angeles.

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Online Web Marketing Strategies

July 29, 2009 by  
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online web marketing strategies
what are the designing parameters of online web storefront to get customers and retain them?

web based marketing strategies

If you’re looking to promote your products to global market, try some good B2B portals where you’ll get attractive web storefronts (already designed) to promote and easily modify / update your products. And you need not to work for marketing for extra.

You just have to invest some reasonable amount in their portal and attract more global business opportunities

Some sites I can prefer:

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Great Web Marketing Campaigns

April 18, 2009 by  
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great web marketing campaigns

Powerful Web Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

This article discusses various internet marketing techniques that are very powerful and can be used in just about any industry to increase ones online marketing effectiveness. These methods can help one demonstrate their expertise in a certain niche by providing relevant information to one’s target market. All of these methods can provide back links to your website, or landing page, that not only directs consumers to one’s website but also helps with search engine rankings as well.

Reaching Targeted Traffic Through Article Posts

By submitting relevant and accurate articles, one can help to establish their business online as a credible source of valuable information while also driving targeted traffic (customers or clients) to their main websites. Article writing, in a sense, helps to reinforce a brand. Articles typically run about 350-700 words in length and can be posted to article websites such as Ezine, Articlecube, Articlegarden and others that produce high ranking search engine search results. Article marketing is a very effective marketing strategy if done correctly.

Incorporating Multimedia Video into a Marketing Strategy

Various video site profiles can be established for an internet marketing campaign or business such as a YouTube channel, and submissions to Revver, BoFunk, Kewego, and Metacafe should also be considered. These videos should be “Tagged” with Keywords that will ensure that people that are searching for specific information using search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing) will find the videos for ones business.

Benefits of Having a Blog for Internet Marketing Campaigns

Blogs are a great way to communicate, as long as there are frequent communications being issued. A Blog can allow you to provide subject matter expertise in your businesses’ niche in an informal manner. Anything less than once a week will typically result in stale information and decreased user interest. Blog entries can also post directly to Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Blog sites that are recommended for anyone looking to start using this technique are WordPress, Blogger, and Squidoo.

Social Media as a Powerful Tool for Small Businesses

Social Media presents another rapidly growing media to reach a target market. Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are typically must haves in any internet campaign. Setting up multiple sites for one’s business or marketing strategy allows for reaching a large audience based on their specific demographics and interests as well as their social media site preference. For example, some people use Twitter more than Facebook and vice versa, while many professionals use LinkedIn.

One great feature within social media that can be used as a simple marketing tool is the option to link all of these accounts together. For example a public relations announcement for ones business is ready to be posted. An individual can post the news to the business Facebook page, that information will then automatically be posted to Twitter and then LinkedIn. This not only saves time but helps to maximize exposure as well.

Regardless of what strategies one uses for their small business, just remember that quality content is key to provide your target audience with relevant information. This will position a business as experts in the particular niche as well as a trusted source.
About the Author

Aeutus Marketing focuses on providing small businesses in the Phoenix Metro area with Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations support in both English and Spanish. For more information, please visit:

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Hotel Web Marketing Strategy

March 5, 2009 by  
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hotel web marketing strategy

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Web Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

December 18, 2008 by  
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web marketing vs traditional marketing

New Media and Online Marketing – Strategies, Advantages and Disadvantages

The advent of the New Media and Internet have increased possibilities of online marketing and internet retailing with new features of interactive shopping, pod casting and e-marketing. Consumers are connected to online shopping sites with WiFi, Internet or 3G mobile phones. E commerce has taken a new dimension in retailing with increasing number of people shopping online and even making flight bookings online (, 2006). One such example is the traffic on the British Airways website. A comparative analysis of popular travel related websites and online ticketing facilities give us details on transaction costs, and individual and company perceptions on e commerce facilities for ticketing and travel. Internet marketing however meets with major challenges of keeping pace with consumer demands and developing relationship marketing to maintain consumer loyalty (Enzmann and Schneider, 2005). The advantages and disadvantages of internet retailing could be studied in contrast to traditional marketing considering issues related to online branding, consumer loyalty, spam, and advertising strategies. The challenges of online marketing could be studied with the same models used for general marketing management such as 4Ps or 7Ps models and trends in internet marketing and transactions can also be studied (, 2006). Online pricing remains one of the major challenges and so is the prospect of virtual interactions with customers as opposed to face to face interactions in a traditional market. Issues of security and privacy are important in e marketing and shopping through secured sites is one of the major concerns of consumers (Enzmann and Schneider, 2005). Direct email marketing of goods and services has led to debates on spam and the need for strict legislation on email marketing.

Online marketing seems to have completely revolutionized marketing techniques although it has limitations on usage, privacy issues and security. The different traditional and non traditional advertising media such as newspapers, television, magazines, newsletters, direct mail, telephone, and internet may have to be compared more thoroughly and extensively to understand whether in the future online marketing would replace traditional marketing completely. Apart from ease and convenience of internet marketing, one major advantage of internet marketing is customization or personalization of products and services to suit the needs and tastes of individual customers (Ho, 2006). Tailored products or services may not have been a very wide option in traditional shopping which shows that interactive shopping has moved a step closer to the needs of the consumer and has improved the shopping experience in general. Online branding has made local consumer goods popular in global markets (Ibeh et al, 2005). The concept of relationship marketing is an important strategy for the new media and is an important tool within the contemporary marketing environment in all spheres of business, from financial services to electronics products. Online marketing has been used by banks and supermarkets and charities like Oxfam suggesting the rapid change in marketing methods used by a wide variety of organizations and show the wide acceptability of online retailing and marketing in changing business environments.


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Enzmann, Matthias; Schneider, Markus (2005) Improving Customer Retention in E-Commerce through a Secure and Privacy-Enhanced Loyalty System Information Systems Frontiers, Volume 7, Numbers 4-5, pp. 359-370(12)

Ho, Shuk Ying (2006) The Attraction of Internet Personalization to Web Users Electronic Markets, Volume 16, Number 1, Number 1 pp. 41-50(10)

Ibeh, Kevin I.N.; Luo, Ying; Dinnie, Keith (2005) E-branding strategies of internet companies: Some preliminary insights from the UK The Journal of Brand Management, Volume 12, Number 5, pp. 355-373(19)

Papers For You (2006) “P/M/445. Internet marketing: problems and prospects”, Available from [17/06/2006]

Papers For You (2006) “P/M/434. E-marketing vs. traditional marketing: upsides and downsides”, Available from [18/06/2006]

About the Author

Copyright © 2006 Verena Veneeva. Professional Writer working for

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Web Marketing Malaysia

November 30, 2008 by  
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web marketing malaysia
What computer mazagines are now available in Malaysia catering for the local market ?

There used to be “Jaring”, “The Web”, “PC World Malaysia”, “PC MAG Malaysia”… They have disappeared.

they are one that is ‘majalah PC’ by karangkraf groups…


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Web Marketing Association Awards

July 12, 2008 by  
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web marketing association awards
Are Traditional Agencies Giving Digital Shops A Run For Their Money?
Traditional advertising agencies are quickly catching up to and, in some cases, outpacing specialty

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New Web Marketing Strategies

June 7, 2008 by  
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new web marketing strategies
Help me to find some stats about the FX market or a small FX brokerage firm?

Hi All,

I know everyone’s strategies, experience, capital, money management, time they spare for trading, etc are completely different than each other, but I will be really glad If you inspire this new guy who is eager to make a small statistics about the market. I am not able to find any small firm statistics on the web though, anyways.

Or you may just answer any question you like. Appreciated a lot, thanks.

1. What is your capital?
2. How many lots or how much per day do you trade? (micro, mini or standard)
3. What is your daily limit? (trades, profit, pips, etc)
4. What leverage makes you feel safe? (50:1, 100:1, 200:1, etc)
5. Do you like fixed or variable spread?
6. Do you prefer market execution or instant execution?
7. Is scalping always profitable to you, what do you think?

Appreciate your answers, time and help.

This might not help but for general recent data I use u have to create an acccount but its free but im sure there are much easier ways of doing it.

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