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Spider Web Marketing System Reviews

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spider web marketing system reviews

Pay Per Click Web Marketing

Let me start off by saying that I could never be the search engine expert that I am without highly believing in content and the benefits of content. If I can get you to read one section on this SEO blog it would be this one as it is one of the most underrated but one of the most important areas of search engine optimization. Before I get in too deep let me first discuss why content and search engine optimization go together. If you look up the term “Web Content” in Wikipedia the most compelling piece states:

“The phrase can be interpreted to mean that – without original and desirable content, or consideration for the rights and commercial interests of content creators – any media venture is likely to fail through lack of appealing content, regardless of other design factors.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Without content or appealing content to the user you are likely to fail. Think about it because it’s true. Imagine watching a baseball game without a commentator or a boxing match without someone commentating the fight? Imagine no stats or history on a fighter or player? When a user visits your website and see’s no content they are left with no interest. We as humans like to consume content, it’s one of the natural areas that you don’t think about but do out of curiosity whether it’s to learn or to take interest. You can quickly scan a site read the main titles of the website and within 10 seconds determine whether your staying or leaving. Good web content helps make that decision to stay.

Content is Fish Food & Google is the Fish your trying to Catch!

When Google visits your website with it’s crawlers and spiders what they like to read is content. If your a real estate agent in the Philadelphia area and you have a website full of pictures for your home listings Google can read your image name (alt tag) and header tags (title tag, description & keywords) and scores your site off of those factors. But is that enough to rank you high in the search engines? Most likely the answer is no. Does a good title tag and image alt tag help? Yes, of course these areas matter but to get good search engine listings and top rankings you need to do everything possible, everything that Google and other major search engines are looking for. Why leave something out when top positions are so critical? One of the most important areas that search engines look for is unique content. Not just any content, web content that focuses around your topic. If your that real estate agent in Philadelphia your top keyword or phrase that your targeting may be “Philadelphia real estate”. The search engines want to know that your site is all about Philadelphia real estate and in order for you to score or give them what they want you need to:

1. Have a great title tag for your “Keyword”
2. Have a great supporting “Description” tag
3. Have focused keywords supporting your subject
4. Make sure each picture has “Alt” tags (keep your keywords in mind)
5. Have unique web content created around your keywords

The next few articles I write will go over each one of the above steps in more detail but this article is focused on content. Sorry for jumping around but I’m trying to cover areas that can help you most first. Many other SEO websites cover keywords and title tags for days but one of the most important topics they seem to forget is the importance of web content. There are three things to remember when creating web content. Read these terms and remember them well because without this understanding you can create content but not use content to your fullest advantage.

1. Fresh Content
2. Unique Content
3. Focused Content

Fresh Content: Basically, you can create content for a website and then your set right? Wrong… Fresh revolving content will help your website more then you know. Who wants to revisit a website that doesn’t change? Well search engines don’t want to visit websites that don’t change either. Think of content as “fish food” and Google as the fish your feeding. Google loves fresh content and when you feed Google fresh content Google comes back for more and more. The more Google sends out it’s spiders and crawlers to your website the better chances your site gets ranked and positions better within the search engines.

Unique Content: I can’t stress the importance of unique content enough. Google basically crawls the internet and indexes everything it reads or eats as I think of it. When Google comes across duplicate content or copied content you lose. Google can take away points from your point board when it comes across duplicate content. I will say this once, don’t steal content. Google doesn’t like it, it will penalize you and you can get sued! Content is copy-written by its author and is owned by the writer or website owner. There is nothing Google hates more then duplicate or copied content. If you do take content from another site you must reference that content.

Focused Content: Focused content is just what it sounds like. When writing an article keep it focused towards your keywords. Think of college and when you wrote a thesis. It’s the same thing. If you write an article that has nothing to do with it’s purpose or title you may as well quite while you have the energy. Focused content is what the search engines look for. Stay focused. If you start wondering with content as often I myself do, separate it into other sections and articles.

Content Mistakes – Don’t Make These Mistakes!

One of the biggest mistakes I see when people unfamiliar to search engine optimization start up websites is the lack of attention given towards content. Often I will be given a website to review and the first thing I see are pictures after pictures with links to more pictures. It makes me think that most of these websites are just photo albums. I lose interest quickly and you can only assume what the web visitor is thinking. In some businesses having a lot of content is difficult depending on your product line. Take for example a clothing website or shoe store. Usually the front page is all about displaying the hottest footwear or clothing to show off the new styles. Rarely is there something to discuss except for a possible product description. When a product just arrives to the market it’s hard to have a review to give that added content. Your talking about sneakers or sandals, not Plasma TV’s. A car dealers main site pages are pictures of cars, the details don’t come into the picture until the product page is shown.

Content is often difficult to create. Reviewing a product takes a lot of work. First you have to have the ability to write. Many beginner site owners make a very big mistake and steal content (they often say borrow). This is a big NO in search engine optimization. The best advice I can give in this subject is write at least one article per week and publish it to your website. Later I will discuss how you can capitalize from the content you create with social bookmarking.

Remember, when writing web content do not focus on writing to the search engines as the main focus should always be on the user. Search engines calculate bounce rates and the amount of time a user stays on your webpage. If a search engine calculates a high bounce rate that allows the search engine to grade your content. If you have bogus content or spammed content trying to fool the search engine at the end of the day you will be the only fool left without any web visitors. Focus on web content that intrigues your audience.

If you notice my site, the one your reading right now focuses on heavy content. I am a big believer in web content and much of my success has come from content and content management, add in social bookmarking and a few other SEO must do’s and your talking. Gone are the days that you can just manipulate a title and description tag to get good search engine positions. Todays search engine needs a bit of everything done and not only that, it wants it done right! Content is king and content is food for the fishes and the biggest fish you want to catch today is Google so get to work!

About the Author

I’ve been working with web marketing and search engine optimization since the late 90’s.  Results in the top 10 of the hottest search engines was my specialty.  I started off as a programmer specializing in VB, SQL & SAP (ABAP) and soon took my skills towards web development.  Being an entrepreneur led me to successful online business that started out from nothing and ended up becoming multimillion dollar dot com web operations. I have been involved with financial, technical, retail, ecommerce, software and media industries. I have worked on about 5 to 6 different web entrepreneurial operations within the last decade. Each project involved my search engine optimization techniques, web marketing and web expertise. From time to time I take on consulting projects. I truly enjoy and live for web marketing & search engine optimization. Currently I am the CEO of a fashion ecommerce and retail company based in Philadelphia. I am also part of a consulting network called “eConsultingGroup” & I am involved in a large SEO and ecommerce project for a global liquor and clothing company.

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