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Search Engine Optimization Tips Html

October 22, 2008 by  
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search engine optimization tips html

5 Valuable Search Engine Optimization Tips

5 Valuable Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search engine optimization is THE most cost effective way for a
company to market their products and services. Below are 5
extremely valuable search engine optimization tips:

1. Content is Key

Webmasters are extremely concerned with optimizing their code
and as a result, they often forget about optimizing the content.
As optimization tips go, this is one you should pay close
attention to. The first 200 words of your home page should be
loaded with keywords, this includes your headline. Some search
engines, particularly those that ignore meta tags, will actually
use the first few lines of text (including the headline) as your
site description.

2. Utilize Static HTML

You don’t need a “dynamic” website unless you have dynamic
content, such as airline seat availability and pricing which
needs to be dynamically published from a database because it
constantly changes. You may store your website in a database but
you’re better off publishing it as a static HTML website. It’s
cheaper, the pages will download faster, and search engines will
find it easier to comprehensively index your website.

The less HTML code you have, the better, as it makes it easier
and faster for the search engine to index your page. Aim for a
total page weight of 50 KB for any page (that’s including
graphics). Certainly, anything over 100 KB is going to be slow,
and some search engines don’t like pages that are over 100 KB.

3. The Title Tag is Critical

The title tag is the single most important piece of content for
people who search. Keep it short: Don’t have more than 60
characters (with spaces), which is roughly 8-10 words. Lead with
the most important careword for that particular page. Always
start off with what is specific about the page and move to what
is general. Many websites begin their title with their brand or
organization name, and then follow with what is unique about the
page. (This is a very common mistake, so check out your website.)

4. Optimize Your Images

This is another optimization tip that many people forget about.
However, through use of your “alt” image attribute tag, you can
slip in an extra keyword phrase or two that describes the
picture users are about to see. The text only shows up when the
user has turned off the ‘view images’ option in their browser or
the image fails to load. But some search engine robots will pick
it up too and the extra keywords could help your ranking. So
take a few seconds to implement this optimization tip on your
site and you could see improved results soon.

5. Why You Shouldn’t Optimize Your Own Site

While we have given you some basic optimization tips to help you
quickly boost your search engine ranking, we still recommend
that you hire a Search Engine Optimization professional for the
best results. Search engines change their guidelines regularly,
making it impossible for any one or two people to stay on top of
all the changes while still running their business. What was a
great optimization tip yesterday, could get your site
blacklisted today. Your SEO professional will watch over your
site as if it was our own, ensuring your site is always running
in peak form. For example, we predicted many of the guideline
changes Google made in November of 2003, saving many of our
customers from the massive fall in rankings most experienced.

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