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Search Engine Optimization Resume

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search engine optimization resume

In addition to Resume. : Managing Your Virtual Persona.

OK so you've sent,. Career professionals and messages designed to get the job of your dreams. But if you put the same amount of effort into creating and updating the management of your virtual or not.

Today, candidates must assume that Will be online before the screening. A scenario might unfold as follows. … Is only to continue in that you just dream up,. Type of Employment official proceeding into three groups. It's not and probably will be. Great, ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????! But for six other leading candidates. Other employment, is now officially becomes the "virtual Detective "and go to the internet is to choose products prior to scheduling an interview. Unfortunately, you may be removed from the group if you do not represent my own. Good online.

Here are some suggestions to showcase your virtual way to cut.

  • Made. Make sure that you provide online. None, or an online presentation is too small to hurt you. At least a profile of professional networking sites such as LinkedIn (target = _blank "Title" = "Professional. Networking sites ">. Other professional networking sites. So on).
  • Using major search engines. … Find yourself online. It is easy or difficult? Potential future employers that you will not want to spend more than a few minutes to follow you down Ideally you want to show up on the first page. Of search results if you have a share may be a challenge. More ways to help them find you.
  • Thought that employers might try to search for you. What will they. Is the name of your geographic location and present. Employer of your last name as keywords when searching. Other keywords they might use your work as well as a project and award / You should have been privileged to shape and edit your online content with keywords from your resume.
  • EM Beat'to punch! One way to make sure that the employers. Detective find you the right to work for them. You can enter any URL of your job to point to examples of past relevant work online. Consider this approach if the online content to add value to or embellishes a specific note taking skills in your resume. Another way is to include a bibliography of your work online. (With URL) at the end of your resume or on a separate page. For example: recommendations from friends and former colleagues in LinkedIn, a site that you design. spearheaded or articles that you write. That spotlights your expertise.
  • Make sure your online work started and ended a career and employers match what's on your resume. Keep the red flag down
  • If you use social networking sites, it is important to manage your information disclosed to the public. If you decide to use a social networking site for networking professionals to look carefully at your content from the perspective of employers. What discontent? Teasing may any He be mistaken? Too obscure abbreviations instant message. (OMG)? Too much information about your personal life or not. Typos? Keep it professional.
  • Support Start your own blog related to your chosen field or career interest. Participate in online forums professionalism,. Forums and Newsgroups. This will create your Reputation, reliability, and increase the visibility of your search engine.
  • Create professional results. Online portfolio of work in your life. One central A good example of this. Of Interfolio product portfolio. Highly customized web page allows you to include the statement,. Video, images, links and messages that will help you present your identity online, in the sense that it is possible the best,. All in one place.
  • Control Your tweets do not post blow by blow description of your job. Twitter micro-blogs or websites. The last thing any employer to read the other interviews. Any of you how desperate you may feel in your job or that their position is not your first choice. But you'd better take. Work anyway, because you really need the money.
  • Audit results for your name from time to time. In the famous check your "online". There are many tools to manage reputation. The toolkit is one. Google Alerts. , free and easy to send you email or RSS alerts when a result of New Google for your query. (Such as your name, your job and your employer. So on) is also a great way to ensure that the important search engines to index your latest work. If you're living a search to find the employer, you may need to work with search engine optimization and And / or building links to increase the visibility of your online.
  • Remember that what you post online could be around today. For many years, although other sources of original content. Is removed, especially the content of Blogger is a long storage life. – By distributing articles, RSS feeds and the Creative Commons license. (Shared up and improve collaboration.) ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!

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