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Search Engine Optimization Quotes

September 17, 2006 by  
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search engine optimization quotes

SEO – it is "natural search engine optimization" or "organic search engine optimization"?

I believe it was Oscar Wilde who quoted "England U.S. and both countries share the common language is. " So when I asked, "which is the correct way of writing for the 'natural search engine optimization' Internet 'The organic search engine optimization' or you may reply does not matter really? ".

So of course think that Oscar Wilde and in the world. today's SEO, it can make a huge difference. Internet is a global phenomenon and epitomizes diversity in terms of culture, thinking and language. English is rapidly applied universally Language is highlighted by my brother in law and Dutch girl of his new friends. She comes from Bulgaria and he is from Holland. Both of them speak the mother tongue of each people to keep them. Communicate in the language of a third party that they both understand. – English, they speak English in America that is "natural. Search Engine Optimization "or UK" organic. Search engine optimization. " Well it happens, it tends to be based on English language programs, they are waiting to see on television while they learn words.

From search engine optimization point of view, potential customers to service SEO and search. " Natural. Search Engine Optimization ", then go on" efficiency. Organic Search Engine ", they will receive a set of results that differ radically. In fact Just search in the optimization or enhancement will produce a different set of results. Although the company offers services in the future. SEO, they are exactly the same.

So SEO keyword optimization company should be. (Or is it optimized?). On? Well the answer is both. It makes sense to focus on language related to that. Companies located so as Rain Dance is a software solution based SEO Welsh. Company marks Andrews, managing director of Rain Dance explains, "Although it makes sense to increase the efficiency of the UK spelling. Many of the Welsh and UK continue to target our search for the American spelling. While it is possible to create more jobs, it makes sense to optimize both the keyword phrase, regardless of resolution. Different language. "

One good thing that we all can agree is short. – SEO is widely accepted around the world. But it is organic or natural SEO SEO? Although the problem is that the abbreviation. SEO may also mean "the Securities and Exchange Organization" or "Sociedad. Española de Ornitología "which is a social bird, Spain; See a problem with acronyms?

But the diversity of language is what makes life interesting on the Internet. So even from a professional perspective. Point, it can create more work for specialists. SEO, I do not think it is "natural search engine optimization" or ". "Target =" _blank "organic search engine optimization>" -. ?????????????????????????????????! Although I can not claim to know that Oscar Wilde is quoted or not.

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