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Search Engine Optimization Query Strings

December 28, 2009 by  
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Architecture that makes foundation for Search Engine Optimization

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Normally people consider Search Engine Optimization is a Seo Optimization Services. Following right semantic hierarchy is frequently ignored, which is important component to On-Site Factors when trying to optimize for search engines. Even the simplest On-Site rules are ignored by web designers or developers. The additional effort required to look after some tried and true page construction guidelines will surely pay off in the long run. The value of Social Media Optimization is not dependent on good baseline Search Engine Optimization, but the impacts of a Strategic Social Media Marketing campaign can be exponentially better if the base website is correctly optimized.By semantic hierarchy I mean the search engine program (spider, bot, crawler) is looking for the following items, in this order to determine a page’s content and a corresponding ranking in the search engine:

  • Domain name

  • Domain folder naming convention

  • Domain file naming convention (including image naming convention), which is also the Page’s URL structure (excluding root domain)

  • Page’s Title

  • Page’s Headline

  • Page’s Subheadline

  • Page’s Sub-subheadline

  • Page’s content


I’ll go through each section with some tips on how to improve it and explain the logic for search engines and people, where the change will effect what people see.

Domain name

If someone owns “” and you write an article called “world-class apple trees are delicious” they might get higher in search engine results for “world class apple trees are delicious” if anyone links to them, because domain names are the most important element in most search engines (since they are not editable, unlike html). Having a URL with at least one keyword phrase contained within the domain name is imperative to ranking well.

Domain folder and file naming convention

Utilizing a file folder naming convention that utilizes the desired keyword phrase is an under-utilized strategy that does have an impact. People may dismiss this as a small impact, but I’ve found it to have more impact than most SEO consultants are willing to give credit for, so I always recommend this strategy. If you have as your URL, then you’re going to want to create a subfolder naming convention that supports the selected keywords for the target pages. For example, if you have three services, 1) web design and development company you will want to create folders with name that support each of the keyword phrase. What previously might have been, should look like

Since search engines give priority consideration to keywords within the root domain (since it cannot be edited, manipulated or further optimized for SEO), the same logic applies to a lesser degree for folder structure. Although folder structure can change, it is not typically manipulated as much as the HTML on individual pages, therefore is calculated differently from a competitive site not having the available naming convention.

Page’s Title

Always include your site’s name (like and the actual headline for the page you are at. (website Design Company| Drupal Web Development | in your title tags. Search engines give this a lot of emphasis.

Page’s URL structure

If all of your pages have dynamic extensions (like .asp or .php) and use query strings to point you to different dynamic articles you’re making a mistake.

This is bad for two reasons:

  1. Page Rank effects articles at the document level, which means querystrings are excluded (so you won’t develop separate page ranks for different articles… all will share the same rank).

  2. Some search engines and stat logs cut off the query string when indexing your content. Having a link in someone’s stat logs or in a non-Google engine that” is useless and is a wasted opportunity to get more visitors and page rank.

All that’s important in there is the number 1163, but you’re already getting some important extra keywords in there that will help with SEO.

Page’s Heading and Subheadings

Don’t use fonts and CSS to make a headline appear big. Wrap it in H1 tags instead.

A note to SEO folks: This tag is not as deprecated as you might think. h1 is still semantically telling the search engine “this is the most important headline on this page” h2 are less important for subheadlines, but if you have subheadlines n an article, using them can only help the spider understand how your content is structured and that is a good thing.

So long as you style the h1 in the CSS the same way you have been making larger headlines in the past, users won’t visually see a difference at all.

Best of all about this tip is that very few sites make use of it.

Page’s content

This is your keyword text. Just make sure you have alt and title tags for all images, so search engines can read them. I’d use h3 for all captions under the images, since images (and the captions that explain them are usually important to the article. Search engines place minor emphasis on words that are put in between bold and italic tags in your content. Very minor emphasis, but just worth noting that if an article is about a certain celebrity for instance, and there name appears multiple times, bold each appearance of the same and it will help the spider think that celebrity is the focus of the page. Don’t keyword stock though. Search engines will notice if the same words are appearing too often (called keyword density) and it will annoy your users in any case, so don’t try to stuff your page with redundant keywords. Always write your articles for your users.

About the Author

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