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Search Engine Optimization Hotels

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search engine optimization hotels

Search Engine Optimization

Search  Engine  Optimization

Search engines are web  based search engines whose  task is to search   and retrieve the information from the web. This task of searching   and  retrieving  the information is done by the spiders or crawlers. During the process of crawling the crawler stores the pages it retrieves which are stored   temporarily   in page  repository. Search engines maintain a  cache  of the already visited   sites so that  the task of retrieving the visited pages speeds  up. The task of search engines operates in the order of:1 ) Web crawling

2) Indexing

3) Searching.

How search engine ranks the web pages

Location-For example if the word being searched occurs in the title, beginning or the headline of the page, it becomes   the   basis   for the spider or   the crawler to rank the   information .

Secondly information is   ranked according to the   frequency. For example  if the word being searched occurs more number of times in the web page than the other, the  web page where the word occurs maximum number of times is ranked  first than the latter one.

Apart   from   these   factors there   are   off   the   page factors that determine that   how the pages are to be ranked. First method is through the link .The spiders check how the web pages are linked to each other and this way they are able to make out if the web page is important or not. Second way of ranking the web page is when   the spiders check the number of   click on the particular page .If the number of clicks on one page is more than the number of clicks on the   other   webpage the previous one  is  ranked  first than the latter one.

This process of   improving the visibility of a web page or a web- site   in search engines is   called   search engines   optimization. Optimizing   involves   editing  the content in the   html   web – page   to increase the relevance.Web  search  engines    completes   the search with the help of web crawler or a spider. The task of spider is to take the web pages content and create key   search words that enable online users to find pages they’re looking for .Spider often crawls to the often   visited pages   so that it can check   for updates or changes and everything it searches is stored in the search   engine   database.

The basic   work of the web search engine includes:

1.) Searching   the internet.

2.) Keeping   an index of the words they find   , and where they find them.

3.) Allowing   the users to look   for   that  words   in that index.

Google Inc. is a multinational public cloud computing ,Internet Search and advertising technologies corporation .Google  hosts  and develops  a number of Internet –based services and products, and generates  profit  primarily  from advertising.Services   provided by google includes ::

1.)Search Engine-Google search engine  is a web search engine owned by Google inc. and is the most  used search engine on the  web .It provides at least 22 features  which include  synonyms, weather forecasts ,time zones, maps ,earthquake data, movie  , airports, stock quotes. It occupies a  market  share  of 65.6%.

2.)G-mail- Gmail is a  free advertising supported web mail service provided by  google . Through G-mail we can chat with  friends and social G-mail .It can be used within the organizations for conversation   between the employees.

3.)You tube-You tube is a video sharing website where we can share videos with our friends .We can upload  as well as  download videos  using  this site .We can upload the video of the company and its employees in the web-site.

4.)Google  Earth-Using  Google Earth we can find driving  directions, can find nearby restaurants and hotels. We can do serious research and can find distance between two locations.  In  the website location   Google  Earth can  be used  to locate the site of the company .

5.) Google   Maps-Using  Google MAPS   we can find  1.)business locations and contact  information  2.)Earth  view             3.)Street    view

6.)  Google Chrome- Google chrome is the browser which is the fastest, It is   very   quick , loads  pages in a very short time. Also   chrome  is protected in  a better way than other browsers in malware protection.

7.)Google  Docs.-  Another very important feature of Google  is Google  docs. It helps in creating,    editing    ad uploading the documents easily. It helps in importing the   existing   documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

8.)Google Alerts-  Google alerts is a service  offered  b y the company   Google  that automatically notifies  users  when   new content from  news, web ,blogs , videos and or discussions groups  matches a  set of search terms.Google Alerts are used if the website contains any inappropriate content  which can lower the rank of website.

Points that should be accounted while  SEO;-

1.Hyphens should be used between two words to improve readability.

2.Research the target audience and  aim the site content appropriately.

3.URL  Should not contain &,?and ! as characters.

4.Use proper anchor text for interlinks.

5.The website content should be updated because visitors do not like  outdated content.

Benefits of directory submission:-

1.Higher  position  in the search engine  Results.

2.Web site Indexed.

3.Click Through Traffic.

4.The social networking sites should never be ignored.

5.Not doing proper keyword research.

Quality content should be maintained while directory  submission   and the Sites under construction should never be submitted.

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Search engines are web  based search engines whose  task is to search   and retrieve the information from the web. This task of searching   and  retrieving  the information is done by the spiders or crawlers. During the process of crawling the crawler stores the pages it retrieves which are stored   temporarily   in page  repository.

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