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Search Engine Optimization Conference

January 9, 2007 by  
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search engine optimization conference

Strategic search engine activity.

Search Engine Strategies events made us who have no value for the series of articles to help business owners increase their market share for Expand access to their markets and grow rapidly in geographic reach their source new markets and new Search engine optimization helps your website. Company to defeat time and distance to. Enhance the ability of the Company.

Why we went: the last time that we send anyone to the meeting. Search Engine stategies in the year 2001 – I think that it is not because we are really interested. On the technical. However, because we thought our readers might be.

Only two of us, and found very few that seem relevant. While our readers was established. Its main success was only serious about their Internet. What we would find them? Not much

Focusing on the year. 2001 in big companies with IT staff and (Relatively) unlimited resources. Sites, large and bulging budget. We've found something, I remember one time by Heather – Lloyd Martin and Jill Whalen, called "Writing for search engines." I'm interested in that we do not read our

This year 2006 we decided to come back. After all it was here in NYC and they were kind enough to let me have the right to press I have to pay a taxi fare and a few hours.

Half way through the first period, I participated,. Hosted by Danny Sullivan editor of — ????????????????????????????????? To warm up his Danny. (I do not know him. But you feel that you have to do after listening to him for Few minutes) to ask the audience (who may be more than the participants. – One of many at that time rather than participate in both. '01), How many of you are a web marketing? How many of you are here for the first time? Etc, etc. After listening to him for 45 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????! Our competitors are serious. They will be our business right out from under the nose of us if we are to bring their real strategy of our search engine.

Readers, and we too want to be. To grow market share, their They want to do more business with each customer and their desire to expand their access to their (Geography), and they want to be cost effective. 24/7/365 possibility is that how That's what we're there for. – And we did.

What we found. : Session for people like us. (And our readers), search engine optimization. Is not just the Internet and entrepreneurs. Giants anymore. It for its Main Street too.

There are three tracks from the initial application to expert. I found some very useful information in each – That I will be discussed in future articles. What I came up with the idea and our strategy. DIY (do it yourself), the reader can use to add to what they are. Already in place.

Thinking that I will be talking to yourself, "Why not think" and more. That we want to get started. But when the interest is gone. There are no immediate jump in traffic, our You know the saying, "I knew then what I know now" sort of things. We have learned how we and our readers can buy a better service that they can not. Or do not want to do it yourself.

SES events come to town near you. 'S: that is not true actually. – But there are many that will occur during the year. 2006 and I met with people. From all over the country here in one. NYC.

During lunch the first day. (More on this in future articles). I met two guys from Company as a family in California. Their boss can join. Search Engine Strategies in Chicago (I think). She told them to come here.

Their company is not any internet. That you can imagine. And they are busy and do notes for what to do when they return to the factory.

I called three of my colleagues and they have joined just "show only" the other two areas. Date and time (very little) ???????????????????!

This article posted on our website, complete with links to resources. SES will be described more articles 6-12. That the articles will be posted as soon as they are written.

Bottom line.

"We are all, or web marketers we'd better be, because our competitors. A! ".

Our objective is to light a way that each of you. – Whether you're in the process can not take your business. (Through your site) to work. More efficient – to realize the potential of Your company.

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