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Search Engine Optimization Classes

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search engine optimization classes

SEO Hosting And Its Role In Search Engine Optimization

Every webmaster wishes his website to be on top of search engines. This is not impossible as it can be achieved easily by following ethical search engine optimization rules. In these rules search engines clearly counts backlinks to a website with particular anchor text to improve its ranking with that keyword. Webmasters tend to achieve these backlinks in any way but here quality of the links matters a lot.

Here a question arises; how the quality of backlinks will be determined? Answer is very clear from search engines as they focus on natural backlinks for which a common term of white hat seo technique is used by seo gurus. Normally linking pattern depends on the competition of a specific keyword for which strength of the websites giving backlinks is most important. Another issue is the continuity of links so your competitors never beat you. To ensure this webmasters tend to get in content links from blogs on regular basis and finally achieve their goal to be on the road of success for rankings.

In recent times webmasters found a way to make a cluster of their own sites and started getting links to their major site. Search engines especially Google do not like this method as it was unethical too. In this situation it was almost difficult for webmasters to have multiple web hosts for different websites. This problem was solved by the introduction of seo hosting in the industry.

What is seo hosting? SEO hosting is a type of hosting primarily introduced for seo purposes. In this type of web hosting, companies provide the facility of different c class IPs with separate cpanel and name servers for each of your website. Even some web hosting companies offer their c class IPs on those data centers which are located in different locations. This helps webmasters to ensure the privacy of different websites owned by them. This way they succeed in following the rule of search engine optimization to get backlinks from websites that are not on same IP address or not owned by same webmaster.

Now what are these c class IPs? Every website has an IP address. Some have dedicated IPs while other share their IPs. In shared IPs your website can be with a bad neighbor website which is not appreciated in terms of SEO. Lets check an IP address This IP has 4 blocks a,b,c,d. Here third block which is represented by “79” is the c block. This determines the location and thus two websites hosted on 2 different c class IPs are always considered as 2 different websites. This is the basic idea of this seo web hosting. In this way webmasters get cheap solution to the cluster of their website and thus easily manage to get backlinks from different websites.

Well, apart from what this all, no one knows how search engines will treat if they trace these sets of c block IPs by different web hosting companies and mark them as spam. Still one thing is for sure webmasters have been able to produce good results with this seo hosting technique.

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