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November 30, 2009 by  
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search engine optimization amazon
Search for info on a product and omit sales sites?

Often I want to search for reviews of a particular consumer product, but omit the hundreds of sites that sell that product. I have tried various strategies, and none seem to work. Adding the qualifier word ‘review’ doesn’t do any good, as most sales sites have reviews. How can I search for reviews only of a popular consumer product? What search engines would be best? In the past two days, I’ve been looking for reviews of an external hard drive called the ‘Smartdisk Crossfire’ and had to sift through hundreds of pages to find a few reviews. After finding one review, I tried using Google Advanced with the ‘pages similar to this’ option and it struck out badly. Some of the consumer reviews and feedback on Amazon were pretty good though, I must say. THANKS!

(I am new to Yahoo Answers, and posted this in Search Engine Optimization = Wrong place!)

I’ve had similar problems as you but I think I have somewhat of a tip to help you. If you put the product name in quotation marks and then add the word review afterwards, you should find quite a few reviews. I used your example and typed “smartdisk crossfire” review …just like that. The results were first and then a Macworld review, a review and a ZDnet review, in that order.

I’ve also found many of the consumer reviews on sites such as and to be immensely helpful so maybe you shouldn’t discount those opinions just because they’re on a site where the item can be purchased.
Keep in mind that the customer reviews are from people who actually paid for the item whereas a lot of technical “consumer” reviewers are paid to write reviews and also get the item sent to them for free by the manufacturer so they could possibly be biased to write a more favorable review. At least, that’s the way I look at it.

Also, I find David Pogue’s technology reviews in the New York Times to be the most in depth and to-the-point reviews of anyone around. I believe there is some kind of search feature where you can look up his past reviews.

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