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Search Engine Optimization Advice

April 26, 2008 by  
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search engine optimization advice

Search Engine Optimization-Twelve Beneficial Steps

A recent study in 80% of new visitors to the website or receive request engine displays. If we consider this research, it is definitely recommended, may be the most effective efforts can make your website rank high in search engines.

The following 12 tips for search engine optimization of your site to begin work can be useful.

1. Yahoo, Google and MSN – Upon request, the best results by hundreds of other search engines to use the “big three” in, you must create your own website. If you can, you do not have to worry about other search engines do not rank high on the Get these three.


2. Know your target audience. Some research and you will most likely keywords and phrases your target audience will know that before you find one of the following tips to use. In most cases, the key word or phrase that is not the name of the site, it’s a few questions, or specific answers to your questions will be linked.

3. The use of meta tags. Now almost everyone knows about meta tags. Command in the category page a search engines that number to be inserted into an HTML page web. The two most important meta tag “keywords” and “Description.” Page describes how to include important keywords in the meta-specific pages, meta tag keywords. How to avoid the word grammar on a site previously ignored “can inflate.”

My advice – different meta tags for each page. And the keyword tags are used to create a specific page.

4. Optimizing header. Most search engines the name of the HTML page layout to provide a significant weight. Search and weight of the search engine is the first element. There is no indication on the front page search engine rankings and more information can be reduced. Creating a title tag written a few years to attract and name of the keyword in the search results can be obtained through a long list.

For higher ratings, the text of the tag name of the page, make sure that the title match. Using a different name tags for each page of your site, do not forget. (Such as the page title tag is often ignored.)

5. For example, on page headline in the page title with keywords – as well as for visitors from search engines, the hot button words and short words “Poo” to use common words, including phrases to avoid.

My advice – and cover sheet using the powerful title tags you can use the same name.

6. Using the text interesting. Search engine ranking is calculated on the actual frequency of words in a web page based on all words used. Most often a word or phrase in the search engine words and phrases (maximum score) should be used in the higher ranks. For this reason, the words or phrases to find your page, do not forget to include the possibility.

My advice - and for him, holding a short text, keywords containing the full. Avoid useless and meaningless words, and some passages in the penalty area.

7. Use ALT tags for all images. The index started the site in the search image, this site has been identified. They can make the image ALT tags and this catalog page with all the image tags in the reports. On your website, you definitely do not use an alternative image tags are not classified correctly. If you use an alternative tag as a keyword or phrase you should use the contents of the picture shows.

8. Using the tag name of the link. Most of the benefits of the site continue a reference not to use the name tag. Link title will be a short keyword or phrase.

My advice - on the pages of my site to make sure that the left navigation menu is filled with department name. I made reference to the key words in the title of the site for all departments to use the title tag. When you do this twice or department name, a search engine does not mean that. Approaching the text a reference to the title tag is back.

9. Trail connections. Go to the search engine on the page of your site through a link to connect to your website. This link on every page of your site must offer a level 2 mark. If you do not give way links, search engines probably can not find all the pages. (And even the “link trail” after the first page meta tags, search engines, -. If you are using the same tag name on the page provided, you can ignore all)

My advice - my site, each page of the site the appearance of any office, as you can click on the following links. Never in all the pages have you more than two clicks. In addition, each page (section) easy website to allow visitors to navigate and search engine links, at least 30 different areas.

10. Avoid punishment. Search engines are getting smarter every day, is a site that violates the rules of search engines, and they will not be punished. This rule is as follows:

Keyword, spoofing – is not related to the site using keywords

Keyword spam – hundreds of pages to insert a keyword for a copy just to get high rankings

Statements, many pages – hundreds of pages in the index, but did not indicate the site

Link spam – a reference to representations made on 500 000

Page redirection – not necessarily a great idea, but it can lead to loss of rank

Frame on the front page – not necessarily the requirements of the rank of large fines that can lead to loss
Website by the flash movie – not necessarily a large fine, John, however, can lead to loss of rank

My advice: search engines, intelligent software, please note that. This page is typically focus on factors that can put you in the penalty area inches important reason, they are the pages of your page title, headline, text, links and images.

11. Check for errors. Check the HTML page to run the spelling checker on this page before setting up the search. Check spelling of search engine account and get a list of errors if they are included on the page so many flaws.

My advice - take the time to do it right. Do you already have your search engine rankings may take up to six weeks before returning to search the revaluation get bad. This saves you the correct way to hold it until it provides a search engine, too, you get a high rating.

12. To manually add your site. Resist the temptation to use the automatic site submission software. They do not work, you can be prosecuted. This hand-Yahoo, Google and MSN Search engines, such as a recommendation to submit a site recommendation.

My advice - as, and will begin next. AU Search Engine is the place to register your site.

This is exactly what you do when you get the highest rating a lot of work, pay the past, it can not be like John. For more information about search engine optimization


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