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Sample Search Engine Optimization Resume

July 12, 2008 by  
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sample search engine optimization resume

Digital Marketing VS SEO

Digital Marketing VS SEO


Digital Marketing and SEO and completely two different concepts, digital marketing encompasses many different specialty processes and concepts, SEO theoretically would fall under Digital Marketing.

Graphic design, email blasting, eGorilla marketing, SEO, social networking, even direct mail would fall under Digital Marketing.


Vital Computer Services and Consulting is a Digital Marketing and Consulting Service, we provide consulting in the area’s where were not equipped, and provide service where we are equipped.  Our core service is consulting in areas of SEO, Internet marketing plans, Visual Object Programming, digital mass distribution production setups, instruction in direct mail and bulk email concepts and Internet mass distribution of media to gain back link domination.


We know and understand the cradle to grave operations of direct mail, bulk email and internet media distribution.   SEO titles are too numerous to mention here, but can be anything from emarketing analyst to a Link Manager, this makes this type of profession open to many charlatans who really are nothing more than conmen, and there are a lot of them, I met one the other day in Phoenix, AZ, where there seems to be a ample supply of people who call themselves captains of Search Engine Optimization expertise.  This particular gentlemen was quite concerned about meeting me, he had look outs with cell phones checking out the area we were to meet at.


I was given the impression maybe he was concerned with meeting someone from the past, as we talked I noticed he was very nervous and skipped around many questions, including his techniques (seems all the SEO experts here in Phoenix have very valuable secrets on how they’re able to create internet presence), my gut was telling me this guy was a conman, he new I was suspicious of him and did not want to prolong our meeting and was anxious to end it, I certainly obliged, shook hands and got the hell out of there, and washed my hand as soon as I could.


Unfortunately these types of meeting are all to frequent, and it’s hard sometimes to tell who is real and who is not, fortunately I have been in the business a long time and can weed these guys out pretty quickly. Too bad there are so many business owners who are not able to and lose hard earned money to these guys.  With all that said, I would suggest to all business owners and those looking to seek services for your internet marketing needs, to be very careful and keep your search to people considered Digital Marketing professionals.


Someone who has been in the business with credentials stemming from other experience in the marketing and especially the digital marketing industry, I started out in California working for a direct mail company as a production technician, I worked on recreating letters, brochures, pamphlets, ballots, any type of printable marketing copy into a digital format for mass distribution, I worked on the programs that manipulated the variable data, including the name, address and phones numbers.


Mainframe computers were the digital machines back then, I even worked on card readers and such, I grew up in digital marketing, its concepts, processes and growth to where it is now. So I would take caution and do a little homework and ask a whole lot of questions before hiring the next person you need to help with your digital marketing campaign, what did this person do before he became the expert he is today, what academic certificates does he/she have, what other areas of expertise do they have, ask for a resume, ask for references, all to many times I see people or companies ask for a portfolio or links to a person ‘s work, these are all too easy to manufacture and fake, especially if hired on a consultant basis, are these sample links signed by a company signature, a personal signature, can you contact the website developer by email or phone?


Investigate thoroughly.  Good luck!

About the Author


Born in Chicago, IL  I went to Kelvyn Park H.S., Wright Junior College, then to Control data Institute, Before I got into Computers and data processing I played drums professionally in rock bands for 15 years.

I worked with Direct mail companies for 15 years, 10 years as a consultant in the Direct marketing, Bulk email processing. I started out in California as a Political database Administrator for CJL, we maintained over 15,000,000 voter registrar records and their matching voting history, create political audit reports to telemarketing lists, mailing labels and many campaign letters.

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