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online web marketing courses
How can I get a degree without taking courses? Can I be tested on what I know?

I’m 30 yrs. old. I’ve been an information geek for at least 12 years. I’ve dove my nose into several books (including textbooks) that have educated me in certain areas. In plain English, I’m self-taught. Where does that leave me?

Due to my age, and several other factors, I don’t have the time for schooling. Online classes aren’t even an option. The problem is that I’m well learned in the areas of Marketing and Business Management, yet I simply can’t qualify for certain employment without a degree. Also, I don’t want to sit through classes and re-learn what I already know (already experienced that in college the 1st time).

I’m fairly good at obtaining information on the web, yet I’ve had no luck in this area. I’m a bit anxious for answers, so I’m posting this question. Please help.

Some colleges do allow you to “Challenge” a course – meaning you take a test to determine if you know as much about the subject as the students who have taken the course.

This is usually only done for 100 or 200 level classes – nothing advanced – and you usually have to pay the entire tuition for the class even though you just challenged it.

Some colleges allow ‘life experience’ credit for some business classes for people who have been working in their field of study for years.

But none of these options let you get a degree with no course work at all. There is more to college than passing tests – like teaching you study habits, time management, discipline, problem solving, professional behavior- etc.

Oh – don’t confuse college placement classes for challenging a course. Your college placement tests may determine you can skip certain prereq courses such as basic English and/or math – but you are still required to complete the minimum number of college credits in order to get your degree.

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