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Local Search Engine Optimization Tips

September 8, 2008 by  
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local search engine optimization tips
Serious SEO Tips/Help?

For those of you who already have your website fully optimized for search engines, or those who know a lot about search engine optimization: Please help me optimize my website.

I’m not a total noob to SEO, I have my website showing up in google, and some of my keywords provide “alright” google page rankings, others dont. However my website is not fully optimized at all.

I need help, tips, tricks, and ideas on how to better optimize my site.

So far I have submitted my website to local business directories, made sure good keywords are abundant through out my site, and manually submitted my website to multiple search engines……….even so I am not getting the desired results in googles search results Etc…..

Help please Thanks,

Here’s what you can do to start SEO on your site. Remember that this is a long process and will not get you results overnight.

1) Brainstorm and choose keywords that reflect your site. Try to order them in relevancy of content.
2) When writing posts try to use the keywords in the titles. Using 1 to 5 keywords in the body text.
3) Add or optimize title tags, H1 headings, keyword tags (5-10 keywords)
4) Add or optimize Image ALT Tags and make sure any pictures on your site a relevantly titled. You can get a lot of hits through google image searches.
5) Make sure you have regularly updated content.
6) Make sure your content is unique/original/new and focused
7) Make sure you have plenty of internal links in your website.
8) Make your navigation easy to understand. You best content should be on the front page or not more than one or two clicks away
9) Make a site map
10) Get a fast server and try to slim down HTML, Javascript and flash to decrease loading times. Inline CSS will add to code bloat so try to use a single style sheet.

1) Get quality inbound links. It is better to be linked to by fewer sites that are more popular than a million little sites with no traffic.
2) Post on forums and blogs with links back to your site.
3) Write for other people’s blogs with a link back to your site
4) Get known in your field as an expert which will get you links
5) Use social networks, facebook groups etc.

1) Is your content easy to read in layout, font and color scheme?
2) Do you have a professional and attractive looking design?

General Considerations
1) Is your site really good enough to be in the top 10 search results for specific keywords? Does your website have something that other sites in your field don’t?
2) Are you passionate about your website and committed to it for the long term?
3) Are you an authority in your field?
4) Do you write with your readers in mind?
5) What in your mind would compel readers to come back to your site again?

Hope that helps for now

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