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August 14, 2006 by  
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internet search marketing agencies
Extending unemployment benefits is a solution in the stimulus package? How about “Get a job”?

I’ve been continuously employed for 30 consecutive years, and I’m going to share my experience and it won’t cost taxpayers a penny. Feel free to add to my ideas!
1. Search for jobs (want ads, friends, internet, temp agencies).
2. If you have to, move to where the jobs are located.
3. Fill out applications and flood the job market.
4. Get a haircut and shave before you interview, and don’t wear jeans with holes in the knees.
5. Show up to the interview on time.
6. Be sober.
7. Have skills (something the employer can use to make money)
8. Continue to develop skills to make employers compete for you.
9. Be willing to work the hours the employer needs you
10. Don’t steal.
11. Be on time.
A person who is studying for a career that is stable is very wise. There will always be nurses…both here and overseas.

Excellent sir.

May I add a couple of things.

12. Know as much about the company you are asking for a job from, as you can.

13. Answer the interviews questions… don’t volunteer a huge amount of information that is not relevant to the interview.

14. Understand that you are going to start in the lowest of positions in many cases and if it is a significant corporation, tell them you understand that, and you want to know what the opportunity to move upward is.

15. Most Americans change jobs six times in the course of their career. Sometimes they are laid off.. sometimes they quite and move on. If you do all of those things up above, give thought to the need to gain something from this company for that time that you may move on.

16. Cold calling.. walking into a company you are interested out of the blue can be impressive. Ask for a job doing anything as long as you will be considered for a job you really want on down the line.

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