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Job search in a recession using social network tools

July 17, 2010 by  
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During a recession, the ‘hidden’ job market becomes a larger part of the total jobs market.  What is the ‘hidden’ job market? These are jobs that are typically not advertised publicly but hiring managers instead spread the word around among employees and their own networks that they are looking to hire.

What do you do then to position yourself to ‘hear’ of such opportunities? The old fashioned way of course would be to let your friends and relatives know that you are looking for a job and are open to new opportunities. One can also utilize the web tools available out there to ‘advertise’ one’s readiness for new opportunities.

LinkedIn provides a good way to signal your status on your profile page. You can ‘advertise’ that you are looking for opportunities in your area of interest and would be open to hearing about them.  You can also make sure that you fully develop your profile page and include keywords that would help hiring managers in your network to find you.  There are also groups on linkedin for many professional associations/industries – join those that are of interest to you and leverage the group members in your job search.

Facebook also provides a good way for you to indicate your current interest in looking for new opportunities. Your friends would generally look out for you should they see that you are on the hunt for a new job.

Twittering about your job search is a relatively new way of getting noticed.  If you already have a lot of followers for your tweets, this would certainly make sense. Otherwise, you generally need to build up your own network first on Twitter by offering something of value to your network before you can build up a following.

Blogging about your passion is also potentially a good way to get noticed.   Although this takes time and effort, blogs can lead to new opportunities if the material you present shows your passion and creativity.   There is no better time than today to start blogging about your passion – it may not help you in this recession but it might help you in the next one.

By getting the word out there of your interest, you may also find yourself getting referred to positions by the new job referral sites.  These sites incentivize professionals to refer other professionals in their networks to jobs by offering significant rewards.

If you are still currently employed and are looking, you should of course be careful about what you put out there on these social network sites as your current employer may just see that you are looking to jump ship. Otherwise, leveraging these social networks in your job search adds another dimension to your search beyond the typical job boards.

Sales Manager at Vawch is an online job referral marketplace targeting premium jobs, where professionals can refer other professionals to jobs and earn thousands in rewards if a successful placement is made. Based in Singapore, vawch targets the Singapore/HK/Australia and Southeast Asia market and referrals for jobs paying more than US$60Kper year.

Promoting Your Next Event Using Social Networking Tools

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It is virtually indisputable –  the web is the foremost communications technology of the 21st century.  It is even supplanting phones; the cutting edge in mobile phone technology is in expanding their functionality to include computer-like abilities and web accessibility.  As a new generation moves into the workforce, their tastes and habits will permeate the work environment. and that means, increasingly, communicating via the internet and, especially, social networks.  With that in mind, here are some suggested sites, networks, and methods to consider when promoting your next event, business meeting, conference, seminar, or social or networking event:

1)    LinkedIn – You may not have heard of LinkedIn.  It is a social network, like the more popular Myspace and Facebook (discussed below), but it is more professionally-oriented.  It allows you to create a profile showing your work experience and credentials, and then create a network from your business contacts.  You can use LinkedIn to reconnect with old employers or co-workers, request introductions to people outside of your network, and, yes, create and promote events.  LinkedIn is a good tool for spreading the word about professional, business, and networking events, as it is a business-oriented social networking site.

2)    Facebook – Long the dominate social networking site in the United States, and gaining ground rapidly internationally, Facebook, like LinkedIn, is a social networking website.  It is more general in purpose and, much like LinkedIn, allows you to post events and invite people from your contact list to attend them.  Since it is more relaxed and socially oriented, Facebook would make a better platform to promote social and networking events; however, among today’s newest entrants to the workforce, promoting or planning business meetings through Facebook is not out of the question.

3)    Myspace, which has recently stumbled in comparison to its main competitor Facebook, still promotes a strong membership, with over 250,000,000 users internationally.  Long a key site for promoting bands, DJs, and parties, it is not out of the question to use Myspace to promote a social, charity, fundraising, or networking event.  It is a large and international platform and, with the right contact list, can be just as effective as other social networking sites.

4)    BrusselsAgenda – A new site aimed primarily at the EU marketplace, tracks meetings, conferences, seminars, networking events, and so on in Brussels, the EU, and the world at large.  Members can set alerts on the site to be informed of when events matching their criteria are posted.  Alternatively, users can post, at no charge, their own events.  The site can then automatically populate information relating to the event, including local hotels, driving directions, nearby transportation hubs, and can translate the information into the main EU languages.

5) – Lets users generate custom electronic invitations.  Evite is geared primarily towards social events, but could also be used for networking or fundraiser type events, depending on the audience.  Evite does have one advantage over the social networking sites in that the invitation is emailed to your potential guests – they don’t have to already have an account (unlike with Facebook or Myspace, where you’re typically inviting people from your contact list who are already users of the service).

No matter the specific service you choose to use (or if you choose to use all of them!), remember that the service is just the medium – your message and event must be compelling enough to garner the participation you want.

J. Mikula is a business professional, consultant, and writer.

Social Network Tool Payer Player

July 17, 2010 by  
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Positioning yourself with Payer Player in the present day would come about a very prudent plan even if you are just starting out to network marketing, It is really all of great magnitude that you snap up your place with Payer Player asap! If you are already involved with network marketing at that moment you can determine how becoming involved in Pay Player would instantly benefit you. Positioning is utilized by the smart marketers as a method of placing them before all their competition. This is not continuously done by high priced and aggressive advertising and marketing. It is all about acknowledging an extraordinary opportunity and claiming your position.

The Payer Player is the revolutionary social network tool that lots of internet marketers have been looking for. A solitary central location for socializing, sharing, producing whatever, while rewarding you for the merit you add to the network. The Payer Player can be used right from your profile page, deployed completely from your desktop for interaction with no browser, or embedded on all of your social networking pages.

PayerPlayer Features:

Upload video, search for articles or users, access several social networking web sites, video chat, text chat with friends, chat to text on cellular phone devices, watch television, add RSS feeds, and much, much more. If you are a paid subscriber, you will certainly be placed in our affiliate program. When you participate in the affiliate program, you can simply refer others and experience a 25 percent monthly commission on all your own referrals and profit from the growth of the network as well.

The Payer Player is your tremendous communicating playground. One site meant for online or mobile phone communications.

-Create and Access Custom Media Channels

-Chat by Text and Video

-Visit Your Favorite Social Networking Sites Like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Etc.

-Come Together With Friends And Family And Share Files And Documents Real Time

-Conduct Professional Business Meetings In The Audio And Video Discussion Rooms

-Play Many Exciting Games

-Watch The Best Movies And TV Shows -Video Recorder – You Will Need A Microphone And Web Cam

-Broadcast Yourself Live – You Will Need A Microphone And Web Cam

What genuinely establishes The PayerPlayer as a tremendous communication playground is it\’s flexibility. Simply consider the notion of leaping from one site to another or even having to hop on the internet at all is history. The Payer Player can be integrated on pretty much all social network site profiles and set in motion directly from your PC.

Our affiliate marketing program at PayerPlayer is a wonderful opportunity. There are a couple of ways to explode the PayerPlayer affiliate marketing program: 1. Being a free subscriber you can opt into the affiliate marketing program and earn 25 percent commission on all of your direct referrals only. 2. Being a paid subscriber you will automatically participate in the affiliate marketing program and all you have to do is opt in by referring a a couple of new subscribers. Paid subscribers earn 25 percent commission on every direct referral and as an eligible affiliate can also make commissions on eight levels of referrals.

We are glad to bring you Payer Player which is a new social networking tool and it is endorsed by Shaquille Oneal

New Social Networking Tool For Companies And Young Business Managers

July 17, 2010 by  
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What Do You Want From Them, Inc. (WDYWFT) recently released a social networking tool for companies and young business managers: An online community that enables businesses to engage up-and-coming personnel, build relationships with recruits, and deliver an effective communication channel that harnesses current technology and cultural trends.

In today’s economy, young managers, typically 18 to 35 years old, often supervise employees who are much older than them. In response to this need for strong leadership at an early age, WDYWFT helps young managers learn subtle managerial skills, talk openly about potential shortcomings, and develop self-improvement methods. The WDYWFT name originated from a need to identify the source of the problem before taking appropriate actions.

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies across all industries, the WDYWFT platform allows a business to create its own web page within whatdoyouwantfromthem[dot]com. Young managers can then access the private site for communication forums, social networking, mentoring, support, and various types of guidance. Issues covered include career advancement, conflict resolution, motivation techniques, and a host of other strategies that foster professional growth and maturity. For businesses, the benefits of the WDWYFT platform can include stronger training programs and lower employee turnover. Furthermore, WDYWFT provides a controlled environment that mitigates the distractions of more open social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

“We are very excited to bring this platform and online community to young managers across the country,” noted Anna Smith, Principal of WDYWFT. “By providing a forum for the free exchange of ideas and helpful advice, we hope to equip the next generation of business leaders with the support and inspiration they need to succeed. We have the potential to create a sea change in how young managers are cultivated for growth,” she added.

Site members can create profiles, search for and connect with fellow members, blog, write forum posts, seek advice, contribute to a wiki-enabled dictionary, search job openings, and much more. Other site tools include mass email, e-newsletters, and messaging systems that enhance communication with, and among, community members.

WDYWFT also features special interest groups. For example, members can connect with other young managers in healthcare, marketing, restaurant & foodservice, retail, and a wide range of other industries. Members also can connect via geographic, age-related, and other commonalities.

What Do You Want From Them, Inc., was founded in October 2009 as a Delaware S-Corporation and has an office in Charlotte, NC.

Most recent developments: WDYWFT is proud to present its latest video – “Training new managers.”

The plot:

* Scenario 1: new managers are not being challenged enough at work and change jobs often (due to lack of suitable training)

* Scenario 2: quickly promoted managers may lack emotional competencies that would enable them to be effectively part of a team and create organizational change.

Watch our latest video here:

“Training new managers”

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