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Profiting From Online Social Networking

July 17, 2010 by  
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This is the second in a series of articles we will be publishing relaying thoughts and ideas from the Internet Retailer Conference in Chicago, which occurred June 5th through June 7th. Peter Kosciewicz, Director of E-Commerce for the Eastwood Company, and Chris Saito, Senior Director, Shopping Products for Yahoo! Shopping, delivered a presentation entitled “Social Networking: The Peer Pursuasion Marketing Tool.”

According to Kosciewicz, the Web today has grown into an “architecture of participation” that facilitates social networking through devices such as blogs, wikis, RSS, podcasts, and more. Forrester Research has published studies that show that traditional marketing is continuing to lose credibility. For example, in 2002, 78% of respondents in a survey said that ads are a good way to learn about a new product. In 2004, that number had dropped to 46%. In 2002, 14% of respondents agrees that companies generally tell the trust. As pathetic as 14% is, in 2004, it had declined even further – down to 7%. Social networking as a means of marketing overcomes this lack of consumer trust because it relies on the word of the consumer rather than the word of the producer. Research from Datamonitor reported that 85% of repondents in a survey indicated that word-of-mouth from friends, family, or colleagues is more trustworthy than corporate-generated content.

So how do you take advantage of social networking to sell more product? Simple – you open yourself up. You plant the seeds of a community to grow up around your site by using devices such as blogs, customer reviews, and forums to give a voice to your customers or prospective customers. The caveat is that you must be high quality. You must have high quality service and a high quality product. If not, avoid this marketing method.

Kosciewicz outlined four important rules for using social networking on your web site:

1. Guide but don’t control.

2. Never censor.

3. Don’t be afraid of the negative.

4. Don’t be paranoid.

If you open up a forum on your site but then restrict what people are allowed to say, such as removing posts that are negative toward your company or that mention your competitors, then you will do more damage than good to your reputation. Use negativity as a way to improve your business. If people are negative, look at that as feedback and act on it. Make changes, and then let your community know about it. Don’t worry about your community talking about your competition. Your attitude has to be that you are the best, so why worry about it?

As a community develops around your web site, certain members will establish themselves as more influential than others. They will be more outspoken, and will be the ones who often respond to others. Cultivate these members, because they can be powerful allies. Once you have identified the more influential members of your community, contact them regularly, give them free product, become their friend. Feed your influencers information, and they will distribute it for you. But do not make it appear that you are only interested in them because they can help you sell stuff. You need to be genuine.

Measuring the impact of social networking is difficult. Unlike other forms of marketing, there is no direct connect between social networking activity and sells. What you will want to do is track traffic to pages such as customer reviews, referral links, etc.

Social networking can be a powerful marketing tool, if you have a high quality product and are not afraid of an open dialogue with your customers.

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Jerry Work is a partner in Work Media, a Nashville-based Internet marketing firm that specializes in helping companies implement aggressive, multi-pronged Internet marketing plans. Check out WM’s blog site,, for more articles.

Christian Social network ? the platform to share your viewpoint on the God and life freely!

July 17, 2010 by  
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The concept of Social networking finds mention amongst one of the most important reasons of online visitor participation, and thus promotion of a business thereby. To be precise, a social network may be regarded as an offshoot of Web2.0 where by liberal views and standpoint of users has resulted in greater visitor participation. For many, a social networking platform is a common place where they can share their life uninhibited.

A social network is a cluster of communities of like minded individuals. It is like a web platform where users of similar interests interact, share and exchange opinions on their areas of interest. The very concept of social networking was introduced by a group of collegians who developed Facebook to facilitate interaction between peers. The idea was soon popularized and soon acquired a larger proportion.

The concept of Christian social network is no different. It is a conglomeration of believers of Christian faith who share ideas and opinions about different facets of the religion. A religion is a path which guides human beings in a particular way of life. It becomes absolutely necessary for a follower to refine his soul in the quest of his spiritual journey. For someone to attain this objective it is demanded of him to get in touch with other believers of the faith, share individual experiences which would enhance their spiritual knowledge and lead them to the path of wisdom.

A Christian social network is a hub where various paragraphs of the gospel are discussed and the meanings implied in the fables are explored. It also facilitates group discussions about a particular topic and members are invited to join the discussion so as to express their ideas and opinions.

In addition to that, various applications are designed which may be included in the profile page of the individual. The applications are diverse and pertain to individual taste. Some popular networks subdivide their communities and have a Christian social network as a part of their main community. It is beneficial to the point that a member of some other community interested in the religion may become a member of the inner community and gain insights. This simply multiplies the potential number of members and helps in wider penetration of the message of Christ.

I webmaster of a Christian community website that features the Christian Community,Christian groups, Christian news, church jobs and group of ministers belonging to different faith that share their wisdom.

Social Networking – Changing the Internet Marketing Landscape

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One of the most compelling utility mechanisms of social networking websites is how they introduce a paradigm shift in the way internet marketing is conducted. Simply put, internet marketing means publicizing your business over the web. There are several ways to do so, like, link building, article marketing, search engines and not to forget, social networking.

Social media lays the emphasis on bettering your relationship with clients in the markets you target than bettering your rankings in the search engines or the gathering of links.

Social media can assist you in making money in three ways:

* To begin with, welcome your readers to contribute and share articles or files from your site. You might know about RSS feed and social book-marking buttons. These two elements are utilized in encouraging visitors to borrow content from your site and apply it in other ways. Maybe they will insert an article in their book-marks index, or on their own website. It is not at all difficult to build sharing buttons since all that you require is to register yourself with an aggregation site or social book-marking.

* Create the content of your website as a well documented and creative package. Use your instinct to select your subjects with wisdom and go for those subjects that are rarely found anywhere else. Intriguing content is one of the first things that strike a reader of a website. Issues that are in the limelight are also fascinating topics, but when writing on them ensure that what you say is original and fresh and not repetition of what others have to say.

* More over, design an interactive page. For a better social media profile, drive your visitors to become participants. Put a chat box on your homepage where they can drop messages for you. Nowadays developing blog pages on the website itself is a wise decision where readers can openly or anonymously share their thoughts.

What makes social networks perfect for businesses?

Most of these social networking websites do not charge the potential member anything for joining the site. Hence people can get connected to each other with almost no investment on their side. This harbors good news for low-profile business persons and amateur entrepreneurs who do not have much financial backing but want to raise their business leads and grow their client base. The social networking websites serve the purpose of becoming the company’s strategy for relationship management. Since these companies generally have a global outreach, they can get in touch with other clients who are based elsewhere on the globe.

These social networking websites which are also maintaining the profile of semi-business networking sites are guided by the customary face-to-face principles of networking of business net-workers who come from other different sectors.

What makes social networking websites perfect for customers?

You are probably already aware that the internet can be a very effective medium of communication. Generally, before they begin to purchase or endorse any product or service, they normally take resort to discussion forums and blogs to get genuine opinions from people who have themselves experienced the goodness of the services and products.

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Earn From Social Networking

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Do you have a new membership website or on-line business that you’ve been working on
starting? Do you notice that anytime you go to put the finishing touches on it, by some unknown powerful cyber force, you end up on Facebook instead? Or MySpace? Or Bebo?
Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way you could earn using social networking?
Well, if you have an up-and-coming membership website or online business then it’s possible.

But how?
It’s simple. By generating a large amount of targeted traffic to your membership site, you will be able to earn using social networking.

We’ve all heard people trying to pitch a concept or idea door to door. From steak knives to
makeup to Girl Guide cookies, people have relied on socializing as a way to sell their goods.

This is similar to online social networks. You earn using social networking; however, you don’t
have to walk door to door; you don’t have to recite a speech; in fact, you don’t even have to get
off your office chair. You can promote your product and earn using social networking in the
comfort of your own home.

If you already belong to a network like or, earn using social
networking with just a press of the button. Post your membership site on your profile page as a link with a quick explanation of what it is.

Or send your friends a link with your new membership site in a private message. Ask them to
pass on the message to others who might be interested. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote your new business and, in this case, word of ‘mouse’ is an even easier way to earn using social networking.

However, even if you don’t belong to a social network site, you can always join one and earn
using social networking. In fact, this is probably the best way to reach your target audience. Find social networks catered to your membership site or online business.

For example, if you’ve created a website catered to new Moms and Dads, earn using social
networking by joining or other parenting networks.
Pretty soon you’ll have a group of members for your website and will be making a residual
income, just by socializing!

So, while you’re sleeping in or relaxing in your pyjamas in front of the TV, someone could be
clicking onto your profile, joining your membership site and making you an income, all through
the process of social networking.

Simon Fusco is an Publisher and Marketer and an online reviewer.
Ear From Social Networking

3 Important Aspects of Social Networking Web Design

July 17, 2010 by  
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Creating social networking websites is getting easier each day. However, designing successful social networking websites has three major requirements:

1. Uniqueness
2. Lots of creativity
3. Lots of patience (time)

If a social networking website is designed based on these three aspects there is no doubt that the project will be a grand success. Here, in this article, you will find the necessity of the three main factors of social networking web design.

The need of Uniqueness

Everyone using the Internet will be aware of the fact that the Social Networking arena is overcrowded. Hence uniqueness of the social networking websites is very much essential to stand out from the crowd. To make your social networking website design unique, you will have to spend lots of time in analyzing the aspects of other popular social networking websites like Facebook, Myspace and Orkut. You have to offer the users of your social networking website with something different and useful that most of the other popular social networking websites do not offer. One of the reasons behind the popularity of facebook is the handful of useful applications. There is a cool application called “Compare me” which allows users to compare themselves with the peers. Providing such cool, interactive social networking applications in your own website will attract more people.

The need of Creativity

Creativity is very much essential for designing social networking websites. The above said uniqueness in social networking web design can be achieved only by vivid creativity. So where does the creativity come from? Creativity comes as a result of extensive research. With lots of social networking websites out there, learning what to do with your social networking website is very easy.

The need of time

Both the above said aspects involved in designing social networking websites depend upon time. The more the time you spend in designing your social networking website, the more will be the success of the same. Researching what the competitor social networking websites are offering and coming up with creative ideas to make your social networking website look unique will eat up much of your time.

Bottom line

If you lack anyone of these there aspects of social networking website design, it’s better to get some professional help rather than do it by yourself. There are many professional social networking web designers with hands on experience in the same. All you have to do is to express you requirement and they will take care of everything- from planning to effective social networking web designing. There are some unique social networking web design companies who offer promotion of your website along with designing. These Social networking web design services offered by the experts with strategic thinking will guide you to the path of success. is a team of professional social networking website designers. They are capable of creating excellent social networking web designs that will be competitive to the popular ones like Myspace and Facebook.

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