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Seo Tricks to Do Away With!

April 17, 2010 by  
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Some webmasters use web marketing tricks thinking they can fool the search engines. But the search engines are smarter than you think! It can determine the methods or tricks you are trying to play with it. These methods can radically pull your website’s rank down! These methods may be tempting in some ways but be warned for they may be more of a threat than a help!

These methods can do nothing good to your website so avoid them at all times. They can have your website penalized by the search engines and if this happens, you just wasted all your efforts in building your site. So to save your site from the worst fate, remember to avoid these methods:

• Tolerate Missing Pages

Always make it a point to check the pages of your website. Don’t allow missing pages on your site. Check every page of your website for completeness in all its elements.

• Depend on Free Web Hosting

In terms of credibility and visibility, websites not using free web hosting perform better compared to other websites using free web hosting. The search engines also look at sites that don’t depend on free web hosting as more important.

• Fill Your Site With Irrelevant Keywords

Keywords play a vital role in the visibility and ranking of your website on the search engines. However, the use of irrelevant keywords will bring no traffic to your website. Your website may have a little traffic but without conversion!

• Steal Site Content

Try copying the exact content of other websites and your site will soon be closer to getting penalized. The search engines are smarter than you think and they will always notice the content duplication. So quit taking the risk, create your own site content instead.

• Keyword Stacking

Keyword stacking is the use of keywords repeatedly. When the search engines notice keyword stacking in the pages of your website, it may not index the pages properly – or worst they will not index the page at all.

• Use The Hidden Text Trick

Don’t fool the search engines by placing invisible keywords and keyphrases. This is a method that will trigger a red flag from the search engines.

• Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is adding irrelevant keywords to the description of a graphic or a tag. The keywords are not at all related to the description. This can be considered spamming especially if the search engines find out about it -which is most likely to happen!

These methods or tricks will not push your site to the top of the search engine result pages; instead, they will just pull it down to the lost world of the cyber space. Why not stick to permissible methods instead? They can guarantee your site of a higher traffic, visibility and sales!

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